May 08, 2012

Review: Deadlocked (#1-4) by A.R. Wise

Published: November 9, 2011
Series: Deadlocked #1, 2, 3 and 4

Deadlocked: David is forced to travel home to his family through the zombie apocalypse. In his struggle, he will put into motion events that will eventually help to reveal the secret to how the plague began. (released Nov 2011)
Deadlocked 2: Laura struggles to protect her daughters with the help of a young boat captain. She will be forced to endure unthinkable ordeals in her journey to protect those who are important to her. (released Dec 2011)
Deadlocked 3: Billy heads into the zombie infested city to search for his mother. Along the way, he encounters a member of the military and two new friends to help him learn the truth about what happened to the last living member of his family. (Jan 2012)
Deadlocked 4: The characters of the series are faces with their greatest challenge yet as the most innocent among them are in mortal danger. The plague's origin is uncovered, and the people responsible reveal themselves in this final story of the Deadlocked series. (Apr 2012)
Interestingly enough, I was only asked to review the first book in the Deadlocked series. But it was so short (they're all novellas) and so good, that I had to read the rest! 

Deadlocked starts off as your average zombie apocolypse story - although you learn pretty early on that the virus may have been may have been brought on intentionally as an act of bio-terrorism. I found the mystery to be exciting and thrilling - especially considering I could totally see see this happening in our world today! But of course, my favorite part were the...


When it comes to the disgusting, man-eating creatures, A.R. Wise does not disappoint! His zombies move a little faster than others I've read about, they can walk underwater, and change within a matter of hours after death. It was great! LOL. Their ruthless pursuit of flesh makes every moment terrifying. Even as you read, you want to make the characters hurry up and you practically want to shout at them!

And speaking of the characters - I loved them all - every single one. There are only a handful that last throughout all four novellas and I love that Wise was not afraid to kill some of our favorites - it made the story all the more realistic. The character of Laura, a mom desperately trying to make sure her kids stay safe, is the most bad-ass character I've read in a long while. She lives through some crazy painful experiences just to keep her children from turning into zombies. Her risk-taking courage is actually quite inspiring. 

5 out of 5 stars!

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  1. Wow, thanks Maria! I'm glad you enjoyed the books so much.

  2. Great review, I loved the books as well. Some incredibly good writing in those pages!

  3. I read Deadlocked 1 and I enjoyed it! Haven't read the others yet, but they are on my tbr...

  4. I'd never heard of this series before, but definitely something to keep in mind for my Zombie Week in October!


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