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Interviews & Guest Posts

Good Choice Reading is glad to fulfill your requests for an interview, or guests post! Here are our policy procedures:

Interviews or guest posts must be clean. No foul language or sexual content of any kind will be accepted.

The majority of our followers are Young Adult readers, and while we love Adult books, we’d like to keep our site suitable for followers of all ages.

To set up an interview or guest post, you can e-mail us at Contact@goodchoicereading.com -  SUBJECT: Interview/Guest Post.


Good Choice Reading loves, loves, loves doing giveaways. It helps spread the word about our favorite books and authors. Plus, getting others to read is fun!

If you’re an author or publisher and would like Good Choice Reading to host a giveaway for your book, shoot us an e-mail Contact@goodchoicereading.com - SUBJECT: Hosting a Giveaway.

Blog Tours

Good Choice Reading is happy to participate and/or host any blog tours for books of ALL genres. The following is our Blog Tour Policy:

If the book is labeled as erotica, we reserve the right to decide whether the book’s cover and/or description is suitable to display on the blog. If we feel either one is inappropriate, we will make every effort to add links to GoodReads, as well as the author’s site so that followers may easily find this information. The majority of our followers are Young Adult readers, and while we love Erotic work, we’d like to keep our site suitable for followers of all ages.

When contacting us about a tour, it is extremely important that you tell us whether the book is classified YA or Adult. We do not want to be held responsible for assuming the genre and mistakenly posting the wrong information. Although, if this were to occur, we would be glad to correct the mistake as soon as possible.

To submit a request for a blog tour e-mail us at Blogtours@goodchoicereading.com

Advertising With Us

GoodChoiceReading is proud to announce that we now offer advertising on our site! Our growing blog will see your advertising space as sidebars at reasonable rates, in order to help you reach the exact audience you need.

Founded almost two years ago, Good Choice Reading has grown into a well-known, highly popular site for book readers, bloggers, authors, and reviewers alike. In just a short amount of time, we have accrued over 3000+ followers on our blog. Our social media presence is also strong and continually grows as we have over 2000 Facebook fans as well as more than 3000 Twitter followers.

Advertising revenue allows us to fund future giveaways, attend bookish events, cover shipping cost, and attracts even more followers to the site – which results in more eyes on your advertising!

You are free to create the Ad any way you like, so long as it fits within the space you’ve requested. As an advertiser, you will enjoy these added benefits from our site.

If you are interested in advertising, please visit www.goodchoicereading.com and find the “Your Ad Here” spot you'd like.

UPDATE: Good Choice Reading is now offering blog layout advertising. This means the author/publisher will be able to create their own design/layout to be featured on our site. The layout is provided by the author/publisher. We simply add the code and hit save.

There are different options that the author/publisher can choose from.

  • A simple background promotion. (i.e. Book Cover)
  • Background and Top Banner. 
  • ENTIRE LAYOUT change where buttons, background colors, banners all match. 
For more information and pricing please e-mail Damaris@goodchoicereading.com. **Note: This is separate from BlogAds.

All other promotional work…

To request any other form of promotional work such, i.e. Cover Reveals, Cover Love, etc… please send your emails to contact@goodchoicereading.com.