May 08, 2012

Special Teaser Tuesday!

Hey GCReaders!

If you've been keeping up with us lately then you know that GoodChoiceReading is leading The Winterhaven Warriors Street Team for Mirage by Kristi Cook.

So for the next four weeks we will be sharing four different teasers of Mirage to celebrate the upcoming release! <3 We're really excited about the release and cannot wait!


I must have dropped the barrier around my thoughts then, because I heard the sharp intake of his breath, felt his fingers dig into my hips as he dragged me backward, pinning me against the wall in the blink of an eye.  (MIRAGE ARC, page 36)


  1. Have not read these books. Great teaser.
    Here's mine:

  2. haven't read these but it sounds good. The cover is also very well done!

    My TT

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  3. Lol, all of the Winterhaven Warriors whose blogs I've seen today (myself included) chose this teaser! That's pretty funny :D


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