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Maria Perez-Martinez is a 20-something aspiring writer, who's hobbies include reading (obviously), scrapbooking, taking pictures, going to the movies and watching way to much television for her own good. Maria has a Bachelors degree in English/Drama from Northwestern University, and a Masters degree in Publishing from New York University. She got into Good Choice Reading, blogging and reviewing books through her gorgeous & talented cousin, Damaris (founder of GCR). 
Maria works in NYC as the Operations Manager of the Athena Film Festival and lives in CT with her husband and their two incredibly fascinating children. Everyday she aspires to cross something else off her bucket list. 
"A thousand-mile journey starts with one step"

E-mail: Maria @ goodchoicereading.com

Damaris is a wife and a stay at home mother of two, who happen to rock her world and make her days the most exciting days ever! She spends most of her time in mommy mode or lost somewhere inside a book trying to find her way out. 

Recently she started her own event company with Trini @ A Book Lovers Review called,
TrinDee Events. Bringing bookish events to a town near you. Not only is Damaris coordinating events, she is also a publicist for SpencerHill Press, Mary Ting/M. Clarke, and Toni Aleo.

Damaris is out-going & loud, and a very honest person. Her mind speaks to her and she speaks her mind. 
"Peace, Love & Damaris!"

E-mail: Damaris @ goodchoicereading.com

Wanda was born and raised and currently residing in The Bronx. as a little girl she's always been into reading and writing.  The books that hooked her as a child in 3rd Grade were "SuperFudge" and "Are you there GOD, it's me Margaret" Both by Judy Blume. As a young girl, she loved writing. Even book reports. She's written numerous poems and a few short stories.

Now as an adult her passion for reading and writing has consumed her and she just can't get enough. She reads books and reviews them in different genres, such as YA, Contemporary Romance, and now she is slowly getting into the Paranormal Genre.

Wanda now is a part-time worker and a full time mom to a handsome ten year old. She spends her time taking her son out and spending time with her family and friends. On her down time she reads and writes and blogs about books. Her dream is to become a published author one day.

E-mail: GCRWanda @ goodchoicereading.com

Amanda is a stay at home mom to two little munchkins. She is currently living in the Midwest with her fingers crossed in hopes of dodging the tornadoes. When she isn't chasing the kiddos or sweating over the local weather, she can be found with her nose in a book, or fingers on the keyboard. She could be considered obsessed with music, but very few artists catch her eye. 

She's an aspiring writer who can't even begin to understand her own fascination with zombies. On good days she writes about them, on other days, she leaves it up to the pros.

E-mail: Amanda @ goodchoicereading.com

Our Guest Reviewers

Debbie is a 30 something Mom of four from Connecticut who loves to volunteer her time in scouting and school activities to be there for her kids. In her spare time she loves to read and is almost always found with a book in hand. She also loves to travel and does several vacations a year with the kids to show them what the world has to offer.

Married to her high school sweetheart, Debbie feels like her own life is a romance novel waiting to be written and looks forward to riding off into the sunset now that she found her HEA.

Debbie is a fun spirited women who loves to have a good time and is very loyal to those around her!

E-mail: Debbie @ goodchoicereading.com

May Ling is forever 21 with an amazing and gorgeous daughter whose social calendar rivals her own. She’s obsessed with music, owls and the written word, and thinks everyone needs to visit the MET at least once in their life. Vices include tanning, sour gummy worms, reality TV (eek), an iced latte and the belief that true love and soul-mates can be found anywhere. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and she finds herself reading it at least once a year. Current novel obsessions: dystopian societies - root for the little guys! She currently has two blogs and is always within arms length of a journal for whenever inspiration hits.
May Ling earned her BS in Business Management, lives in White Plains, NY and works for a non profit in Manhattan. She basically has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up, but aspires to make an impact on the world, one way or the other. Her bucket list includes saving a human life, visiting Ireland, cliff jumping and slapping someone in the face to name a few... 20 down, 90 to go!
“Re-examine all that you have been told - dismiss that which insults your soul.”

Email: MayLing@goodchoicereading.com

Mike Robbins is currently an Americorps VISTA volunteer in New Haven, CT. Mike has always enjoyed books across many genres. His favorite books growing up were Jurassic Park and Timeline by Michael Crichton and The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. He finds books to be a place for people to connect and learn privately about themselves and the world. Novels help to slow down and make navigable increasingly fast-paced lives.
When he's not volunteering at a school or tackling a new author, he likes to skateboard, swim, and play basketball. He's a New York Knicks fan even though they don't have the best management strategies!
He would like to thank everyone at the Good Choice Reading blog for including him and his book reviews on their site. Happy reading!

Casey is a poor housekeeper with nothing better to do with her spare time than read, which is her favorite thing to do, so she doesn't mind. She’s still in her 20’s, barely, but barely counts as far as she’s concerned. When she isn't reading, she’s cleaning up after her boyfriend, two dogs, and pot bellied pig, dancing and singing to whatever Pandora has decided to play from her massive collection of stations...which she just so happens to keep on random. The fun is in the surprise! She’s not really particular, but very particular at the same time. She’s an aspiring lottery winner, and she’s hilarious, obviously.

E-mail: Casey@GoodChoiceReading.com

Antonia (who goes by, Toni) grew up with reading being a major part of her life. In high school she was in AP English by her freshman year, and always finished the set reading list early. Although her books have gone from the Baby Sitters Club and R.L. Stine, to those of a more adult nature; the love of becoming part of another world stayed the same. Her favorite times to read are at night in bed; or on the beach.

The mom of a sweet, loving 2 year old with autism; she's become a stay at home mom to make sure her son gets the early intervention he needs (and makes sure he has a bookshelf full of books). She left behind her career, family, friends, and life for the man she loves...isn't that what romance novels are all about now?! A born and raised NYC girl, she now finds herself on the West coast via her husband's military career (while stationed in Alaska, her Kindle was her best friend). Besides reading, she loves shopping, dancing, wine tasting, and traveling.

E-mail: Toni@GoodChoiceReading.com

Ariana is a 10 year old girl who resides in California with her parents and her little sister. She enjoys reading, music and playing softball. You can catch her often with her nose in her books. She's a fun 10 year old with a huge heart and beautiful smile. Ariana is also our very own Wanda, @ Good Choice Reading's little niece. Ariana reviews middle grade books for Good Choice Reading.

For Review Request:
Email: gcrwanda@goodchoicereading.com

We have also teamed up with Books With Bite and Owl Always Be Reading. They will be making a guest appearance every now and then with a review, right here on Good Choice Reading!