April 24, 2014

Review: Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

Deep Blue (Waterfire Saga, #1)
Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly
Expected publication:
May 6th 2014
by Disney Press

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The first in a series of four epic tales set in the depths of the ocean, where six mermaids seek to protect and save their hidden world.

Deep in the ocean, in a world not so different from our own, live the merpeople. Their communities are spread throughout the oceans, seas, and freshwaters all over the globe.

When Serafina, a mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, awakens on the morning of her betrothal, her biggest worry should be winning the love of handsome Prince Mahdi. And yet Sera finds herself haunted by strange dreams that foretell the return of an ancient evil. Her dark premonitions are confirmed when an assassin's arrow poisons Sera's mother. Now, Serafina must embark on a quest to find the assassin's master and prevent a war between the Mer nations. Led only by her shadowy dreams, Sera searches for five other mermaid heroines who are scattered across the six seas. Together, they will form an unbreakable bond of sisterhood and uncover a conspiracy that threatens their world's very existence.

     I have not read books about Mermaids in such a long time, that when finally having the chance I took it and dove into the world of Deep Blue. I was excited to read it and now I am even more excited to continue the series. Deep Blue is full of what it means to be a strong female character. Jennifer Donnelly stitches together an underwater masterpiece where one mermaid join as a team, and together they will set out to bring an end to an upcoming war. Beautifully descriptive to show you the wonders of the ocean deep, this book will make you think, “What if I was a mermaid/man?”

     Serafina is a young mermaid about to reach an important part of her life. I feel that Serafina represents what girls from all over feel sometimes when having to make the decisions. Well maybe not to this extent. However, she does show a strong female who although may not be successful at all times, has the heart to keep going. Neela is I feel the person we all have in our life. She has a something go for her in life, but she of course wants to do something else and this can cause her to be a little spoiled but she is a person that Sera can put up with. I know a person in my life that resembles Neela and I am glad to know that person.

     Sera has a power called Songspell that is both a beauty and powerful. With that there are different powers out there that are dangerous known as Darkspells and Bloodspells. Magic is really powerful in the water and I find that very interesting. Besides these spells there are things that crack me up like the fact they have bubble tea and the fact there are different hints of The Little Mermaid I feel resonating in its pages. They even get human interaction where things from the human world are dropped into the ocean, even though that makes me wonder if this is some hidden message about pollution or not. Sorry taking a class about this.

     Overall Deep Blue is enjoyable read that makes me excited to see what will happen next. I encourage you to dive into the deep and travel with Serafina as she embarks on a journey full of adventure, magic and so much more.

I give this book 4 bites!

Guest Reviewed: Chayse @ Books With Bite

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: AWAKEN by Skye Malone!

Title: Awaken 
Series: Awakened Fate (Book One)
Author: Skye Malone
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Wildflower Isle 
Expected Publication: June 3, 2014

Cover Designer: Karri Klawiter

Running away from home was never Chloe Kowalski’s plan. Neither was ending up the target of killers, or having her body change in unusual ways. She only wanted a vacation, someplace far from her crazy parents and their irrational fear of water. She only wanted to do something normal for once, and maybe get to know her best friend’s hot stepbrother a bit better at the same time.

But the first day she goes out on the ocean, strange things start to happen. Dangerous things that should be impossible. Things to which ‘normal’ doesn’t even begin to apply.

Now madmen are hunting her. A mysterious guy with glowing blue eyes is following her. And her best friend’s stepbrother seems to be hiding secrets all his own.

It was supposed to be a vacation. It’s turning out to be a whole lot more.

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About Skye

Skye Malone is the creative mind behind the Awakened Fate series.

She also technically does not exist.

Skye was born on May 17th, 2013 as the pen name of author Megan Joel Peterson, to give Megan an outlet for all the stories running around in her head. She writes paranormal romance and adventure, loves wolves and the ocean, and might just take over Megan’s life someday.


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April 23, 2014

Review: Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Taking Chances (Taking Chances, #1) Taking Chances 
By Molly McAdams
Published October 16th 2012
by William Morrow Paperbacks


Her first year away is turning out to be nearly perfect, but one weekend of giving in to heated passion will change everything.

Eighteen-year-old Harper has grown up under the thumb of her career marine father. Ready to live life her own way and to experience things she's only ever heard of from the jarheads in her father's unit, she's on her way to college at San Diego State University.

Thanks to her new roommate, Harper is introduced to a world of parties, gorgeous guys, family, and emotions. She finds herself being torn in two as she quickly falls in love with both her new boyfriend, Brandon, and her roommate's brother, Chase. Despite their dangerous looks and histories, both men adore Harper and would do anything for her, including taking a step back if it would mean she'd be happy.

     Before I say anything about the book, if anyone says they didn't hate Harper at least once after reading this book, I say we somehow didn't read the same book. Harper (don't know if we ever knew her last name) is a Marine brat freshman in college. Sound familiar? Ok good, because (for me) that's where "I've read this before" ends. Harper meets Chase at a party where he teases her says he isn't for her, YET won't leave her alone...EVER. She meets his best friend Brandon (TEAM BRANDON) a week later and they are dating a day later. Oh, ok. Brandon and Chase live in the same house so Chase has to see them together and it drives him crazy, and the two friends fight A LOT. Oh let's also enter the creepy Carter, one of her father's marines. So Harper must deal with 3 different guys in love with her. She does a HORRIBLE job dealing with it.

     Such a hard review to write without giving much away, but I literally kept reading for Brandon (TEAM BRANDON). The entire storyline got so outlandish to a point I kept saying "are you kidding me". Let's talk about Brandon more, he is an MMA fighter-- which I now find hot and want to watch actual fights! He seemed the best match for Harper since the beginning, his only flaw was he was TOO forgiving and came off as a punk after that to me. Chase was cool in his own way, and I loved how he changed after a MAJOR event with Harper; we got to see a funny, and brand new side of him. Harper is a wreck, selfish, and I'm not above saying my least favorite female lead in a book Chase's sister and Harper's roommate Breanna was funny and loved her ditzy, means no harm persona. This book is a standalone, but there is a Chase's POV book out as well. My rating is not one star because I finished the book, loved Brandon, and the author FOR SURE gave the WOW factor throughout.

     RATING 2 STARS FAVORITE LINE: "Her bubble gum voice made me want to gag. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t even sounded like that when I was five." -Harper

Waiting on Wednesday: Love's Paradox by Laura Kreitzer

Paperback, 1st, 288 pages
Expected publication: May 5th 2014 by Revolution Publishing, Inc.

Stalked by her abusive ex-fiancé, Rae Zachery retaliates by singing karaoke and spilling all their dirty secrets to the entire bar. When her ex attempts to silence her brazen performance, sexy, leather-clad Parker comes to her rescue and soundly punches her ex in the face. As valiant as that may be, Rae finds Parker’s violent assistance unsettling, yet she can’t help but be drawn to him and his tragic past.

Fighting her attraction for Parker is a battle Rae can’t win, and soon their night of sharing secrets morphs into an undeniable bond. But fate won’t so easily relinquish her grip on their happily-ever-after. Instead of blissfully skipping into obscurity, Rae and Parker are subjected to her ex-fiancé’s vicious proclivities. Who knew love could hurt so good?

"Ah, screw this. I don’t wait for him to make the first move; I kiss him."

You can read the first 5 chapters of LOVE'S PARADOX {{{ HERE }}}

Or request a copy on Netgalley -- Currently available under READ NOW.

For a limited time only you can pre-order LOVE'S PARADOX for $2.99 on Barnes and Noble & iTunes!

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April 22, 2014

Interview with Romance Author Donna Grant!

Hi GCReaders! 

I am so excited to share with you all an interview I recently did with one of my favorite authors, Donna Grant. 

Donna Grant is here today talking about her new series, DARK KINGS

I've had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of book one, DARKEST FLAME, and let me tell you... it DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! Stay tuned for my review!

Here is a little about DARKEST FLAME -- The first in the series. 

The Dark Kings have fought for centuries to preserve their dragon magic. But one of the most powerful warriors of his kind will be put to the ultimate test. Is he strong enough to resist his greatest temptations? Or will he be forced to surrender - body and soul?

Her beauty is a weapon

Denae Lacroix is a beautiful MI5 agent on a deadly mission. Sent to the Scottish Highlands to spy on the mysterious Dreagan Industries, she discovers too late that she’s been set up - as human bait. She is an irresistible lure for a man who has not seen or touched a woman for centuries. He is a man with a destiny - and a desire - that could destroy them both...

His passion is a curse...

It’s been twelve hundred years since Kellan has walked among humans - and there’s no denying the erotically charged attraction he feels for Denae. But as a Dragon King, he is sworn to protect his secrets. Yet the closer he gets to this smart, ravishing woman, the more her life is in danger.

All it takes is one reckless kiss to unleash a flood of desire, the fury of dragons…and the fiercest enemy of all.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your newest series, DARK KINGS
The Dark Kings series is one I've been wanting to write for a long time, and when my editor asked me to do a spin off of my Dark Sword/Dark Warrior world, I knew it was time to bring out the dragons! The series features Dragon Kings who have been around since the dawn of time. They live in human form among us, hiding who they really are while keeping humans safe from other realms/enemies who want to take over.

2. How many books can we expect in the DARK KINGS series?
I don't have a set number. I never plot out books or series. I like the process to flow naturally, though I know it will have at least 8 books (I suspect more however).

3. Who is your favorite character so far? Male or Female. 
Oh, that's hard. Kellan, who features in DARKEST FLAME has to be one of my favorites. I hadn't planned on his book being first, but he was adamant. I lost that fight, and I'm so glad I did. His story was so much fun to write!

However, there is Rhi. She's a Fae who comes to the Dragon Kings aid on occasion though there is a history there - she and a Dragon King were lovers. Who is that Dragon King? You'll have to read the books to find out. :) Rhi is fun and flirty, and has a penchant for manicures and collect nail polish. She's also a lethal Fae, with abilities that could wipe out a realm - or give it life.

4. What makes this series different from all the others?
I love that it features dragons. There aren't many series out there with dragons at the moment. It's also centered in Scotland amid the Highlands, which is a perfect hide out for the Kings while they distillery their famous Dreagan whisky.

5. You write so much, and a lot of different series. How do you not confuse them? 
lol. I get this question a lot. The simple answer is that I focus on one book at a time. I keep a notebook with "notes" about characters and races of characters to help me. It's also fun switching gears from one series or genre within romance to something else. It helps to keep things fresh for me, just as writing a novella or two in between full length books. Its a refresher of sorts.

6. Can you share a small teaser from Darkest Flame, book one in the series? 

The floor creaked as the irritated man walked around her bed. “You can open your eyes now.”
     For a split second, Denae thought of staying as she was, but the man knew she was awake. Why pretend? She opened her eyes and found herself looking at a chair covered in a navy-and-red plaid. The chair the man had been sitting in, she mused.
     It was close to the bed, giving him access to tend to her? Or to keep watch?
     Probably the latter.
     Denae turned her head to get a look at the room and found him standing with his back to her as he gazed out the large window opposite her bed. His hair hung down the middle of his back in thick, loose, caramel waves.
     He kept shifting his shoulders as if the deep orange tee was confining when it shaped his shoulders, arms, and back to perfection.
     His arms hung loose by his sides, but his fingers gripped the windowsill, telling her that being in the room was the last place he wanted to be.
     Her gaze lingered on his wide, thick shoulders that tapered to narrow hips. Slung low on those hips was a pair of dark denim jeans, which hugged his bum nicely.
     As much as she was enjoying the view, her mission had been compromised. If she survived long enough to leave Dreagan—because there was no doubt that’s exactly where she was—she wouldn’t be alive long enough to pack her bags and get on the first flight back to Texas.
     “Are you in pain?” he asked.
     Denae tentatively tested her left side before she carefully pulled herself up against the headboard. “It’s minimal.”
     The silence lengthened until she thought he’d fallen asleep standing up. Suddenly he turned to face her, and her breath locked in her lungs. Her mouth went dry and her heart pounded.
     The man before her was as beautiful as a god, as blinding in his anger as the sun. And she couldn’t look away.
     His caramel-colored hair was parted on the side and hung in those same waves around a face sculpted from granite. He had high cheekbones and hollow cheeks that gave way to a hard jawline and square chin. His lips were wide and seductively full. His eyes, a startling celadon, held her captive in his intense, almost cruel gaze.
     Somehow she pulled away from his eyes and looked down to his chest, which was just as impressive as his back. The tee molded to the thick sinew of his arms and chest.
     He was a man who took action, a man who suffered no fools. A man who wouldn’t rest until he had all the answers he wanted.
     “Who are you?” he demanded.



Blog Tour: Desperate Match by Lynne Silver, Interview & Giveaway!

Title: Desperate Match
Author: Lynne Silver
Series: Coded for Love #5
Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance
Publication: March 27, 2014

Abused wife, Jill Thompson knows she has to get out of her bad marriage. Like yesterday. With no money, no job and no friends, this small town girl can’t find a safe harbor. But when she sees a news report that The Program, a US military base, is seeking women to be matches for their genetically enhanced soldiers, she sees her opportunity. If she is lucky enough to be a match, her snake-mean husband, Jack, won’t be able to find her, let alone hurt her ever again.

Rowan Blacker, is the only soldier of his cohort to request a breed match. He’s the newest soldier on campus and thanks to his genetic defect, he feels like an outcast. Matching and breeding with a woman will help him fit in with the team. Unfortunately Rowan’s match is nothing like the sexy, fun woman he was hoping to romance. The woman they claim is his perfect DNA match, is a scared shell of a woman carrying a trunkful of emotional baggage. Against their better judgment, they move in together and as Jill shakes off the shackles of abuse, their attraction ignites. 


Engineered with superior strength, agility and acumen, the genetically enhanced soldiers of the top secret Program do the dangerous assignments no one else can. Now, they’re tasked with one additional job. Breed.  

But finding and convincing their perfect DNA match they are the right men for the job may be their most dangerous mission to date. And the hottest. Good thing, they’re Coded for Love.  



 Interview with Lynne!

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your latest/upcoming release.
Desperate Match is book 5 in my Coded for Love series. It can be read standalone, but I’ve heard from some readers that it’s better to read the whole series. So off you go to download the whole series. I’ll wait…Got it? Okay, good. Then you’ll see that Desperate Match features Rowan Blacker, a genetically enhanced soldier, with rather striking flaw. He was born minus his right arm. Living in a world where he’s supposed to be perfect, Rowan feels he has something to prove. He also has white knight syndrome which makes him perfect for our heroine Jill who is on the run from an abusive marriage.

2. Do you read reviews of your books? What do you do when you read a not-so-nice one?
I do read reviews, and though I have thin skin, I’m totally okay with 1-star reviews. They happen and this is a business. My books are my product, and I know I can’t please everyone all the time. In fact, some of my 1-star reviews are my favorite because they make me see aspects of my books I didn’t see before. They help me make my next book better.

3. What's your favorite thing to do when you're not writing?
I love spending time with my family. My boys are at this great age, where they’re independent, but will still tolerate hugs and fussing. We spend most of our weekends this time of year watching baseball- The Washington Nationals and Little League.

4. Do you have a book in your house that's just destroyed because you've read it so much?
I recently purchased new copies of the entire Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace. It’s turn-of-the-century YA. It’s my comfort read.

5. What was your inspiration for the book?
My inspiration for the series as a whole was two news articles. The first was about designer babies and how close science is to giving parents the option to pick gender, hair color etc… The second news article was a Valentine’s Day piece about the science behind finding your love match. Scent more than anything can help a person find someone who will breed healthy children with them.

6. What do you normally like to read when not writing?
I’m a romance reader. And I’m kind of rabid. If it weren’t a conflict of interest, I’d start a reading/review blog. My favorite authors are Kresley Cole, Eloisa James, Lisa Kleypas, Nalini Singh, and Kristan Higgins.

7. What is your favorite holiday?
If you’re reading this, we’re right in the middle of my favorite holiday of Passover! It’s a crap-ton of work, because my family is pretty religious (Yes, I’m the Orthodox erotic writer. I respect the irony) and we switch all our dishes etc.. for Passover. But I love the Seder, and I love that this week is set apart from the rest of the year.

8. Describe your main character in six words.

One-armed, handsome, snarky, confident, loveable, sexy

9. What are you working on now?
In August, I will be part of an anthology with some other awesome writers. The theme will be “Brought to his knees by Love” Alpha males are going down!! Look for more info on my website or on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/BroughtToHisKnees?ref=hl

10. Can you share a teaser of Desperate Match with our readers?
“I want you here. These past few weeks of living with you…they’ve been awesome. Do I wish we were having sex? I won’t lie—yeah, I do. But not until you’re ready. You need to want it bad.”

When he said it like that, she thought she might want it bad. She opened her mouth to tell him, but he kept talking.

“Nothing fun about an unwilling bed partner.”

I wouldn’t be unwilling, she thought. Just scared. Actually, more like terrified. Terrified, but intrigued. She’d only had sex with one man in her life, and he was abusive and selfish. What would it be like to sleep with a handsome soldier who always went out of his way to show his concern for her? Probably amazing.


This is or That

Cat or Dog? Cat
Ice cream or Sorbet? Donut. But there’s this place in my town called Pitango which makes some seriously good sorbet & gelato.
Heels or flats? Flats (I’m 5’8)
Knives or sword? A good Wusthof knife
Coffee or Tea? Hot cocoa
Iced tea or hot tea? Nantucket Nectars ½ Lemonade ½ iced tea is nectar from the Gods.
Snow or rain? Snow. But I grew up in Miami and didn’t see snow until I was 18!
Movies at home or Movie Theater? At home, snuggled in bed with my honey.
Soda or Juice? Juice- lemonade or my Nantucket Nectars
Twitter or Facebook? Pinterest! But I’m on Facebook & Twitter.
Actual book or eReader? Both, but I prefer actual book.
Actual book or Audiobook? Actual book. I can’t process audiobooks
Spring or Summer? Spring! (Except for the pollen counts)
Fall or winter? Fall
Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves? short
Young Adult or New Adult? Adult Adult
Vampires or Werewolves? Werewolves- it’s the whole mating for life thing
Ghost or Zombies? Zombies- Do they remember being human? Do they miss it?
Action movies or Chick flicks? Chick flick
Horror movies or Mystery movies? neither
Mountain views or Ocean views? Ocean- I grew up in Miami!


About Lynne

By day, Lynne Silver lives the suburban soccer mom life; volunteering with the PTA, doing laundry and working. By night she enters the sensuous world of alpha males and passionate heroines. She calls the nation’s capital home and lives in an old fixer-upper with her husband and their two sons. When not writing romance, she reads it. Lots of it. Over and over and over again, preferably with a bag of M&Ms in hand.



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Review: On a Razor's Edge by K.F. Breene

On a Razor's Edge (Darkness, 3)
Title: On a Razor's Edge
Author: K.F. Breene
Series: Darkness #3
Publication: April 22, 2014 (ebook, 190 pages)

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If Sasha thought life would slow down after being captured, she was dead wrong. 
Having an extremely high level of magic, but not knowing how to use it, has become more than a little problematic. Struggling to get her power under control has everyone on their toes, waiting for something to blow up. And then there is the issue of loving Stefan, but not being able to mate him because she hadn't a clue how to lead, which is necessary if she wants to rule by his side.
No, things have not gotten any easier.
With the incoming visit of the Regional and his white mage, the pressure turns way up for both Sasha and Stefan. So many issues are riding on the balance, and one word from the authoritative pair could have Sasha back in her old life, still in danger, and without the resources to carry on.
Sasha has to learn to battle while walking on a razor's edge.

'He looked down at himself and patted his stomach, his face pale. “That was incredibly painful. I am intrigued. How is this possible?”'

'I hammered down the hallway, burst through two doors, straight armed a naked dude advancing on a waiting woman wearing a blindfold, and catapulted into the correct corridor.'

On a Razor's Edge is the third book in Breene's Darkness series. I just want to point out that this one is as hilarious as the last two. I think On a Razor's Edge is my favorite so far. We meet quite a few new character's in this one. The Regional has come, and he's brought his own Mage. He also has plans, from the top, that Stefan isn't very enthused about. Sasha also has to take on the task of trying to learn to lead.

I'm going to start with familiar character's. I love Sasha and Stefan, these two are fantastic together. They have a connection that is soul deep. They are perfect for each other. Sasha makes Stefan laugh with her quirks, and Stefan balances Sasha out when she takes too much magic into herself. He also believes in her, and tells her often, especially when she refuses to believe in herself. I freaking love that guy! We don't get to see as much of Charles in this one though, sad face, but he does end up taking one for the team. Poor guy never stood a chance. Darla and Jonas are pretty active in this installment. Darla....ugh, I hate that chick. We do get to know Jonas a touch better though, which is good. I feel like he's a character we don't really understand, so far.

New character's now, and I won't get too much into them for now. Dominicous is Stefan's Regional, the head honcho, the big man. I really like Dominicous, he may be one mean mother to hold his title, but, he's laid back, and understanding too, also a little bit funny. Toa (pronounced toe...I know), is a White Mage, he has lots of power, and a lot of patience too, it seems. We also meet some Mata, or shape changers. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my. Ann, and Tim are a couple of these Mata that I'm excited to get to know better. So far, Tim is Alpha, and Ann is just a friendly girl who understands some of the things Sasha has been feeling all her life.

Dominicous thinks it would help Sasha get a better grasp of her magic, if she were away from prying eyes, and judgment. Of course, with Sasha, and the people who would love to get their hands on her, things don't really go the way they are supposed to. Good news, she is, in fact, learning. Toa helps her the only way he knows how.

I love K.F. Breene, this isn't really news. I honestly can't wait for this story to play out. Not because I don't love it, but because I'm so impatient. I want to know what happens. I have so many questions, and I just can't wait for answers. The only thing I DIDN'T like about this story was Darla....man, I hate that Darla. I wish she were real, just so I could throatpunch her. If you haven't picked up this series, do. So much fun to read.

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Teaser Tuesday: Chasing Desires by Jennifer Domenico

Chasing Desire by Jennifer Domenico!
Release: June 9th

High on life and all its luxuries, Brayden James has no intention of slowing down. That is until his womanizing ways catch up with him and he gets a much needed wake-up call. Just as he decides to clean up his act, the ultimate temptation enters his life.

When Mackenzie Reed meets Brayden, the attraction is instant and she knows that together they could achieve the kind of career success she’s always craved. But Mackenzie isn’t like most women. She has very good reasons for keeping her heart locked up tight. For her, this isn’t about love. This is about power.

Sparks fly as Brayden and Mackenzie try to avoid the one thing neither of them wanted. Each must choose between the life they’ve worked hard to achieve and the one they never imagined. Will they come to the same decision before it’s too late? Or will a hidden threat keep them apart?


    “Love is not a game, Brayden. People can get hurt and do.”
    “Alright, you obviously have your guard up right now. Just don’t be surprised if I knock down your brick wall.”
    “If we were at home right now I’d sit on your face so you’d shut up.”
    “Don’t say shit like that. I’ll get a stiffy and won’t be able to walk.”
    “That’s your problem.”

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