November 28, 2011

Author Spotlight: Erotic Romance Author Kris Norris + Giveaway!

Hello Good Choice Readers!

Today we have a guest post by author Kris Norris for all you erotic romance lovers! Kris is also giving away an eBook copy of her upcoming release, Coyote Law.

This giveaway is 18 and Over only!


Trading Wings for a Single Feather…

Erotic Romance Author Kris Norris—aka—Helicopter Pilot…

No, I’m not making that up. That was me, years ago before I embarked on my writing career. Like most authors, I didn’t start off in the publishing industry. In fact, I was as far removed from it as you can get. I didn’t even have a regular job. I spent my time hovering above the ground, either on contracts or later, teaching people how to fly. If you’d asked me then about writing as a career, I would have laughed. I’d never considered any other road than the one I was on. I’d gone to great lengths to achieve my dream, from a stint in the military to college and endless flying jobs for less than no pay in parts of the country no one wanted to go. Being a woman in a boy’s club wasn’t easy, but I loved being a pilot, and quite honestly, I was good at it.

So how does a rotor jockey go from cruising the airwaves to writing erotic romance novels? A change in priorities.

Like many women, there came a time when I realized I wanted more from life than a sleeping bag in a tent and the smell of jet fuel on my clothes (seriously, I’m sure most women have this exact thought at some point in their life). So, I started a family. Three kids (and a breakdown or two) later, you can imagine how the pilot lifestyle and being a mother didn’t really mesh. For me, being away on contracts for weeks or even months at a time wasn’t an option anymore, so I looked for something else to satisfy my adventurous nature. And the voices in my head really didn’t give me any other choice…

Now I know what you’re thinking…being an author isn’t dangerous or even adventurous, but in a way, it is. Instead of actually living the lifestyle, I got to experience it through my characters, which allowed me to become a variable chameleon of professions. Instead of being one person, I became a doctor, a special agent, and yes, for two of my books, a helicopter pilot. I discovered that flying helicopters had exposed me to a vast richness of people and places, and with a little imagination, I could turn these experiences into stories and characters that, hopefully, rang true.

So do I miss dancing among the clouds and feeling the constant beating of the rotors in my chest? A bit. But I wouldn’t have missed my new adventure for anything. And with any luck, while I plan on staying in the business for a very long time, I’ll continue to change my virtual career with every new story. After all, a girl needs a bit of variety in her life. Who knew that a single feather could take me places my wings never could.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the two books in which my leading ladies are also rotor swinging chopper pilots are Keeping Faith… part of the Threefold Anthology with Total-e-Bound, and Hard Target… a thriller novel out with Resplendence Publishing.

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Thank you Kris for sharing this guest post with us. I always wondered what it would be like to be a pilot. Usually when I am on an airplane this thought pops in my head lol. Maybe that should be something to add to my TO DO list before I die lol. Thanks again!

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In Benevolence, New Mexico, the west isn’t the only thing that’s wild…

Sheriff Jeremiah Stone is a man with a secret—and if the good folks of Benevolence discover he’s a coyote shifter, he just might end up on the wrong end of a noose. He works alone and is careful to cover his tracks, there’s just one problem. The new doctor in town is his intended mate, and he can’t claim her without divulging who, and what, he is.

Dr. Katherine Cooper knew moving to the small, border town of Benevolence would be difficult, but she never counted on dodging gunfights or falling for the town’s sheriff who’s got a body to match his name. Kate’s been doing everything she can to get the handsome lawman to notice her, but he seems determined to keep her at arms’ length. But when she unwillingly becomes a target of the area’s most notorious gang, her only salvation is the one man who holds both her life and her heart in his hands.

I've attached an excerpt for you as I didn't want to make the email too long. If you have any issues opening it, just let me know.


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  1. Whew. These books are full of hotness. I can't wait to read them. Thank you for the post. This has given me a new author to try. *HUGS*

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for dropping by. Glad to know the 'heat' level was there, lol. I hope you enjoy any you might pick up.

    hugs right back atchya...

  3. Oh, these look so hot! I do so love erotic romance books. I will have to add them to my read-list. TY for the giveaway chance!

  4. Hi SacredmOOn...

    You're more than welcome for the giveaway. What better way to start the holiday season. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Awesome guest post, I can't believe you went from being a helicopter pilot to an erotic romance writer, truly fascinating. Your book sounds really good. So going on my to be read pile.

  6. Hi Skyla,

    Thanks. It was a bit of a leap of faith, but one I'm glad I made. Flying helicopters was a thrill, but what's weird is that after a while, it sort of becomes like a taxi job, believe it or not. It's just your 'taxi' is cooler...way cooler. Though, like they say, a bad day flying beats a great day in an office.
    Also, as an instructor, I did have people try to kill me on a regular basis, lol. It's funny sitting there letting folks make mistakes when all you want to do is just have the darn thing fly straight. But it was a great experience. I only hope that my real life job made the books feel real.
    Hope you have a great holiday season.


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