February 10, 2011


With Valentine's Day fast-approaching, I started daydreaming about some of my favorite romantic movies. You know - the ones that make you just wanna cuddle with your honey, a big soft blanket and a huge tub of popcorn - *sigh*.

But why only think about movies? I mean, some of our favorite books have an amazing Prince Charming that keeps us up dreaming at night. Sometimes our Prince Charmings from books are even better because we all have a different idea of what they look like - and they are ALL swoon-worthy, of course!

So you have your choice of two questions this Thursday: 1)What is the Most Romantic Book You've Ever Read? OR 2) Who is the most romantic character you've ever read? These may or may not have the same answer. I can't wait to hear what you all think!!!


  1. Mine actually have two different answers. The most romantic character I've ever read has to be Edward (from Twilight). I can fall in love with the book version of him everyday.

    The most romantic book I've ever read - I actually can't remember the name of! How sad is that? All I remember is that I read the book in High School, it had a man professing his love though a letter to someone he was not supposed to be with (of course) and I remember the feeling of "i want to be that girl". Too bad I can't remember what book it was, lol...it was probably Jane Austen or something.

  2. Of course the most romantic book I've ever read has to be ANY of Nicholas Sparks books. I cry, laugh, love, everything all in one with his books. They are so romantic and touching. Love them!

  3. Well, man. That's a real toughie. I've read a good share of romanti books....but as for one standing clearly on top ... I dunno. Maybe Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews? It's definitely not a ROMANCE by genre...but the progression of events are heartrendingly romantic!!! ::swoon::

  4. For the most romantic character, Edward was on my mind. I still remember how his words melted me. XD
    But now no feeling remains. Since I never reread it again. So my choice goes to Caspian from The Hollow. I fall for him also

    For the book. I think I have not found any yet :D

  5. This one is easy for me.... "The Bronze Horseman" by Paulina Simons.

  6. The first book that comes to mind is The Princess Bride and Wesley the most romantic character.

  7. Woah! Ask a girl a hard question, why don't ya! :P I think my answer would have to be the same for both though -- Sam and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater =) *swoons*


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