February 10, 2011

Breathless Reads Tour 2/9/2011

Hi everyone!

***Dee here :-)

Yesterday Lisa and I went to New York City for the Breathless Reads Tour at Books of Wonder featuring Andrea Cremer, Ally Condie, Beth Revis, Kirsten Miller and Brenna Yovanoff. We had such an awesome time! We even made friends with some fellow book bloggers. It nice finally meeting other bloggers who share the same interest.

Anyway, the event kicked off with the authors answering some questions and sharing some information about their books. Afterward they signed everyone's books and took some pictures with everyone. They were all so very nice and super friendly. Ally Condie told me I was beautiful LOL. Yes, I *squee'd like a baby lol. This was mine and Lisa's first book signing ever and we felt like teenagers meeting rock stars!

We had a blast! Here are some of the photos from last night's event:

Lisa, Andrea Cremer and Dee

Brenna Yovanoff, Beth Revis, Andrea Cremer, Ally Condie, Kirsten Miller

Lisa, Kirsten Miller, Beth Revis, Brenna Yovanoff, Dee, Ally Condie and Andrea Cremer

Kirsten Miller and Lisa

Beth Revis, Brenna Yovanoff, Dee and Ally Condie

Heading home still full excitement! 

More photo's on our Facebook Page. Check them out! :-)

Now my next event I would like to attend is Teen's Con in Texas on April 9th. I am so there! :-)


  1. Awesome post! I wish they were touring in TX. Thank you for sharing about this awesome event. I hope to see you guys at the Teen's Con in April!

  2. I'm going tonite. I am hoping to get lots of pics XD

  3. Great time meeting you ladies last night! For your fist signing, this one was a doozy. I hope to see both of you in the future :-)

  4. Mariya, I want to see! Make sure to link me to it lol.

    Nikki, it was great meeting you too! Hopefully we see each other at BEA :-)

  5. It was great meeting you & yea I was totally trying to contain my fangirl-ness last night haha!! We should definitely go to other events together in the future.

    Oh also can you email me the picture of me & Andrea Cremer? My email is babblingbookworm@hotmail.com

    thanks! =)

  6. That looks like it was great! Wishing I could have been there. :)
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  7. Ah Dee and Lisa it shows you guys had a great time. I would have given anything to be there. I must meet Andrea at some point (MUST). I hope that you ladies can make it down here in April. Remeber my house is your house, the doors are open for you to stay.


  8. It was an awesome event! I was pretty star struck. I found your blog through a Twitter post. I'm now following - you have a great blog, it's very cute.

  9. Thanks for the post. I'm so excited to be meeting and greeting them all in SLC tomorrow!

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