January 13, 2011


Hey Everybody!!

So I wanted to tell you about this crazy, exciting, wonderful Film Festival that's going to be happening in NYC the weekend of February 11-13th.

As most of you know - we women get shafted - A LOT! We still get paid less than men, have trouble getting into top positions at corporations, and no matter how much of a Superwoman we are, we never get the recognition we deserve! Come on, tell me you don't know how that feels.

Well, the same goes for women in film. In 2010, for the first time in history, a woman won the Oscar for best director. In 82 years, only 4 women have ever been nominated for best director, and only a single woman has won.

In 2009, in the 250 top-grossing domestic films, women made up only 7% of directors, 8% of writers, and 17% of executive producers. 98% of these films had no female cinematographers. And, in front of the camera, as of 2007, women had less than 30% of the speaking roles.

So the Athena Film Festival is set to dole out some recognition!! To show the women in the film industry that we value them, cherish them, love their work and want to showcase it to the world!!

Check out the festival's website at: www.athenafilmfestival.com

Tickets are ON SALE now - and they're cheap!! Only $10 per movie. Or, if you pay $50 for a pass, you can see as many movies as you want - and can get in before everyone else! Check it out :)

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