January 13, 2011

Valentine's Day - Books with Love Sneak Peek 1 & 2!

Ah! I just got a flip camcorder and decided to make a video for you guys! This is my very first video so I hope you like it :0)

More sneak peeks to come!


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  2. I'm so excited! I was just going to do a sneak peak of my giveaway for the hop but I hadn't thought of doing a video... Actually, my stack of books might change, so maybe I'd better not do one, but I'm planning to giveaway a box of books and book(s?) from The Book Depository for the International folks. So glad YOUR hosting! With Yara, of course.
    And all those books... well, I'm salivating! I CANNOT wait!

  3. Oh, you sneak!!! I seen a series I really want in there from Tor!!=)

    Love the video. I wish I knew how to edit videos.


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