October 10, 2016

Review & Giveaway: Clanless by Jennifer Jenkins Blog Tour (Duo Review)

by Jennifer Jenkins
Paperback, 300 pages
Expected publication: October 4th 2016
by Month9Books

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Striker Gryphon has lost his position of honor among the Ram, and is now a hunted man. A traitor.

Zo, the object of his affection, was murdered by members of his former clan. To honor her memory, he journeys to the highly secretive Raven “Nest” to warn strangers of their impending demise—though it could cost him more than just his pride.

He doesn’t know that Zo is very much alive and in another part of the region assisting Nameless refugees over a mountain swarming with wild men known as “Clanless.”

As each struggle to make sense of what their lives have become, they fight and claw to reach the Allied Camp, their last hope in bringing peace to the region.

But the road back to one another is treacherous and uncertain. And freedom will come with a price.

Guest Review -- Jennifer:

I loved this book as much as the first. The Cover is amazing! It shows how fierce Gryhon is. He looks ready for the battle ahead.

The action is non-stop this time. At every turn there is a new threat, heartache and betrayal. You are on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what is next.

Zo is really struggling with herself in this book. Her heartache is effecting her confidence. And she has a lot on her shoulders. Tess really gets to show her skills and her courage. I just love Joshua he is sweet and strong. And this time is no different. This book is filled with strong characters!

There is not much romance in this book, but the face they are fighting to get to one another speaks just as much. This is must read!! Jennifer Jenkins will not let you down!

Damaris Review:

CLANLESS by Jennifer Jenkins is everything I expected and more! It's filled with so much action, I could hardly catch my breath! I was completely lost in the pages. The romance will leave you with tons of butterflies in your stomach. Loved it!

It is no secret that NAMELESS (book one) is one of my ALL TIME favorite reads EVER! When I was asked to read and review CLANLESS (book two), my poor heart skipped a beat.

CLANLESS kicks off pretty much where NAMELESS left off. And let me tell you, when NAMELESS ended I was stuck in the same position with my jaw hanging wanting more for about ten minutes. No lie! I absolutely loved this book! Every word devoured my poor little heart. It was one that I got so lost in, I forgot to eat, drink, and more!

CLANLESS lacks NOTHING. To me, there is triple the action and suspense in this book than in the first book. Zo really finds herself in mess after mess, but not once does she come off weak or scared. She knows when she makes a mistake and owns up to it. She is also not afraid to take charge and do what must be done.

There isn't one character in this book that I dislike. And that is very rare for me. I usually dislike one or two characters, but Jenkins did such a great job with her characters that it was hard not to get emotionally attached to them. Even the villains in the story I had some kind of attachment to. Jenkins has created a world that is so believable and crazy, you can picture everything clearly in your head while reading. The story also moves along and progresses. There wasn't a dull moment once. Jenkins writing is great!

There isn't much else I can say except that this is one series you MUST READ!

5 Stars!!


New to the series? Grab NAMELESS NOW!



With her degree in History and Secondary Education, Jennifer had every intention of teaching teens to love George Washington and appreciate the finer points of ancient battle stratagem. (Seriously, she’s obsessed with ancient warfare.) However, life had different plans in store when the writing began. As a proud member of Writers Cubed, and a co-founder of the Teen Author Boot Camp, she feels blessed to be able to fulfill both her ambition to work with teens as well as write Young Adult fiction.

Jennifer has three children who are experts at naming her characters, one loving, supportive husband, a dog with little-man syndrome, and three chickens (of whom she is secretly afraid).
Visit her online at jajenkins.com

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