July 10, 2015

Blog Tour Interview & Giveaway: Hide Me by Lexi Scott!

Hide Me by Lexi Scott
New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Expected Publication: July 7th, 2015

Sometimes it's easier to run...

Ripped apart by guilt and grief, nineteen-year-old Whit Conrad grabs her stuff and runs from her super-conservative home and family in Pennsylvania and hauls ass for sunny California. All she wants is escape. Now she has a craptastic apartment, a job at a tattoo parlour, and even a friend-who's-mostly-benefits. Then she meets a sexy, inked, surfer-dude who has the potential of capsizing everything...

Deo Beckett is adrift. Underemployed and over-boozing, Deo knows he should be doing something more with his life. Being something more. All it takes is a pin-up hottie with a smart mouth—and a bruised soul—to force Deo to start looking below the surface. To wonder if there's more to life than being a beach bum. Now he's falling for Whit...and hard.

But Whit ran from home for a reason, and she'll go to any lengths to keep Deo from learning the truth...

*previously released under Lengths in 2012  

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About the Author

Lexi Scott is the combined forces of authors and best friends, Liz Reinhardt and Steph Campbell. Together, they write new adult and contemporary romance featuring strong, smart, feisty women and the swoon worthy, good guys who love them. The grew up on opposite coasts‐ one on the east, one of them on the west, but somehow, both ended up married and raising their families in the Southern U.S. They love traveling, good food, wine and hoarding books.



What's your favorite thing to do when you're not writing?
Travel. Think about travel. Plan travel. I have a serious case of wanderlust and am constantly scoping out new places to visit. Some people like to spend their money on clothes or shoes or cars, and that’s fantastic! I choose to spend mine on experiences. 

What was your inspiration for the book?
This pin I came across on Pinterest sparked the entire series. I didn’t know what it meant when I saw it, but I saved it and it eventually spun into Marigold, the main character in Hide Me’s mother and the shop she owns. The entire surf/beach community and characters of Silver Strand all grew from that. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/36521446948813732/

What is your favorite holiday?
Fourth of July. I know it’s not one of the bigger holidays, but I love how family and friends get together in a more casual way than Thanksgiving or Christmas. And I, like a goober and always cry during fireworks shows. 

What is your favorite book of all time that you can reread a hundred times, and it still feels like the first time? 
Megan McCafferty’s SLOPPY FIRSTS. If you haven’t met Marcus Flutie yet, you must. 

How different would you say the final version of HIDE ME, is from the first draft?
The heroine, Whit underwent the most change from beginning to end.

Did you set yourself some strict rules while writing?
It depends on the project. Sometimes I have a very clear idea of where the story needs to go and who the characters are, so I stick to a firm outline. Other times, I am a total pantser and the details and characters all take shape as I write. In terms of actual rules though, the only one I stick to is to write every single day. Even if it’s just a paragraph, or tweaking a chapter. I have to keep pushing forward in someway.

If there is one genre that you have not written in yet, but would love to try writing a book in that specific genre, what would it be?
Someday, I’d like to try my hand at Women’s Fic. I have a couple of ideas I’m kicking around that I’d love to have the opportunity to write! 

This is or That 

Cat or Dog? Cat, they’re just as anti-social as me.
Ice cream or Sorbet? Gelato from GROM. 
Heels or flats? Heels. Always. The higher, the better.
Coffee or Tea? Tea. Unsweetened. No lemon.
Iced tea or hot tea? I live in the south, ICED.
Snow or rain? Snow, as long as I don’t have to do the shoveling or be anywhere. 
Movies at home or Movie Theater? Movies at home. The snacks are better.
Soda or Juice? I know it’s so bad for you, but soda! 
Twitter or Facebook? Twitter. It’s easier to scroll past the bs on Twitter.
Actual book or eReader? Physical books! 
Actual book or Audiobook? Actual book, though I’m learning to appreciate audiobooks.
Spring or Summer? Spring. Summers in the South are insufferable. 
Fall or winter? Fall. Preferably in the Northeast. ;)
Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves? Hoodies. All the days.
Action movies or Chick flicks? Action! Preferably something with Jason Statham. 


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