May 09, 2014

Ever wanted to write with an author? Well here's your chance!

Ever wanted to write with an author? Well here's your chance! 

Author SE Green  wants your help in writing her next short fiction in the Killer Instinct world. Here's how it works and what prizes you could win! 

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The first EIGHT chapters are available on KILLER INSTINCT's Wattpad. Get to know Lane and her predicament if you dare.

• Shannon will post some opening lines to a short story involving Lane, KILLER INSTINCT’S 

main character and her adventures. If that's what you want to call them. 

• Readers and aspiring writers will be invited to add the next few lines in the comments section of the blog, which will close at9 pm EST every night on the blogs participating.

• Shannon and her editor, Patrick at Simon Pulse will pick their favorite and add it to the original opening lines.

• This will then get passed to the next blog and the steps repeated.

• By the end of the blog tour, an entire short story will have been created by Shannon and the 

fan base.

• This story will be published on Wattpad and Shannon’s website.

• Winners will receive surprise giveaways, ebook of KILLER INSTINCT and a KILLER INSTINCT t-shirt.


Lane has secrets and uses her mother's connections to keep tabs on the bad guys. She seeks justice. She seeks truth. Lane's distance and the ability to observe what others can't is both her blessing and a curse. 

Check out the book trailer for a sneak peek into who Lane is.


SE Green: I crouch in the darkness, eyeing the alley. Two people climb from a car—one guy and one girl. They each already wear dark jeans and black hoodies.

The guy says something I can’t make out, and the girl nods. Then they both slip on black ski masks and gloves. They’re now dressed similar to me.

The girl slides a knife into a holder strapped to her thigh. The guy wedges a gun into the waist band of his pants. Together they take off down the alley. They get to the end, the girl goes right, and the guy goes left.

I step from the shadows. Which one do I follow?

Winner Christina: I decide on the girl, because they’ll most likely meet up again soon. And besides, if the guy does fire his gun, I should be able to keep track of him without too much trouble. Ahead of me, the girl’s clumsy footfalls are fading, and I remind myself not to fall too far behind. Before I’ve taken more than a few long strides in her direction, a guy’s voice, teasing, cuts through the dark.

“So, Slim, is this what you do every night?"

Winner Sera: Zach steps out from an alcove, stopping me in my tracks. My eyes dart past him, but the girl’s already out of my sight. I take in a few deep breaths like I’m trying to catch my breath when really I just need a good excuse. The way the shadows of the night dance across his face he looks more like his brother, and I can’t help but blush. My breathing evens enough for me to whisper, “The real question is, why are you stalking me?”

Winner Rominana: I barely see his eyes, shrouded in darkness, glance over me.
"Tsk. Is that any way to greet an old friend?" He takes a step forward out of the shadows.
"Friends don't do what you did." I say as I watch him take another step closer to me. I glance around me hoping to find a way out and yet I can't help myself. I want to stay. I want to hear what he has to say.

Winner Sera:  "How was I suppose to know Daisy was your sister before we even met? And then I tried asking you out, but you said no, remember," Zach says with the sexiest pout I've ever seen. 

“I don't have time for this right now, and plus you’re with my sister now." I take off toward the park when I hear Zach call out, “You’ve got it all wrong, Lane.” 

But I can’t waste anymore time on teenage drama because the guy and the girl are meeting back up, and I need to stop them before they kill again.

HOW DO YOU THINK IT CONTINUES? Add your thoughts in the comments (no more than 5 sentences) and we'll pick a winner tonight at 9pm EST

Good Luck! 

To find out  more about SE Green and her books visit and make sure to follow her on  TWITTER |  TUMBLR  |  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM 

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  1. I race to the end of the alley and turn right toward where I saw the girl go. But she's no where to be found. I take off in a sprint, my eyes darting through the night. I see her! Up ahead. She's walking into a store.


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