January 07, 2014

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Title: The One
Author: Lorhainne Eckhart
Genre: Adult Romance
Publication: December 23, 2013

Margaret Gordon was once a prominent  Seattle surgeon, until a slip of the knife leaves a young boy without a future. Margaret is fired and returns to her hometown, the perfect spot to hide out from everyone and to lick her wounds, with no one around but her horse.

Margaret never considered herself a horse person. In truth, she understands horses better than people. And when the now-widowed Joe Wilde drives in one morning with a teenage boy and a horse with a problem, Margaret turns into that klutzy teenage misfit that silently carried a torch for Joe all through school. But when smooth-talking Joe convinces Margaret into working with the temperamental horse, she grows closer to his son Ryan, and soon learns the horse’s issues have more to do with father and son, and Ryan’s anxiety over the fact his father is now dating a woman who is only interested in the sexy Joe Wilde, and not his misfit of a son.

The only problem is Ryan wants Margaret to be his mother, so he takes matters into his own hands setting Margaret in his father’s path, every chance he gets. Even though sparks fly and sizzle between them Joe believes Margaret has despised him all his life, and decides all his  rebellious son needs is a mother. But when Joe proposes marriage to the wrong woman, his son takes off with a backpack and a feisty horse, into the Backcountry.

Except to Joe’s surprise, it’s Margaret who saddles up her horse,  and heads off alone with him in over a hundred of miles of wilderness in a race against time and the elements to find his son. And with his son's life in jeopardy will that be enough for Joe and Margaret to put aside their differences and realize that the other is, The One?

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About Lorhainne

2012 was an amazing year in the publishing world for me, and it started with The Forgotten Child, which landed on the Amazon bestseller list for western romance and romance series. 2013 has seen me posted in the top 100 authors on Amazon for romantic suspense, mystery/thrillers, and police procedurals.

Where did it all begin? In 2008, I published my first novel, The Captain’s Lady, a contemporary military romance, through The Wild Rose Press. I’ve since received the rights back from my publisher, and I rewrote the book and republished it with a brand new title, Saved.

I write edgy romantic suspense (Walk the Right Road Series), western romance (Finding Love ~ The Outsider Series), and young adult mystery, and I warn my readers to expect the unexpected. I’m a mother of three children and we live on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. I encourage you to contact me by email; I do answer every email I receive.

Stay tuned. There is more to come from the Walk the Right Road Series and Finding Love ~ The Outsider Series, as well as a brand new western romance series coming later this fall, The One.

And to my readers and all of you who have shared my stories with your family and friends, a big, heartfelt thank-you.

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1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I live on Salt Spring Island on three acres and have been writing for over 10 years. Writing and being a successful published author is my dream job and fills me with such joy, and I can’t imagine not ever doing what I’m doing. I’m a single mother and my children are the most important thing in my life, and with the career I have it gives me the flexibility to work around my children. 

I absolutely love the outdoors, and have six chickens who think they are cats, a cat who doesn’t think she’s a cat, and a horse I look after who is a mirror of me.  There are no dull moments in my life, I have a ton of fun with my children, have learned to laugh at myself when I do something stupid, and have an odd sense of humor as my kids will say. I am adventurous and don’t allow fear to rule me. I am not scared to try new things.  I love martial arts and will try almost anything once, including bungee jumping which I did years ago and happy to say I won’t ever do again.

2. What inspired you to write The One?

I love writing western romance and after the success of The Outsider Series and how much my fans loved the Friessen men, I wanted to create something different from another angle. The idea for a country doctor was mentioned to me and that was really all it took for the idea of The Wilde Brothers to come together. 
I took, Dr. Margaret Tanner the striking passionate neurologist and one of Jed Friessen’s doctors, who everyone was introduced to in Secrets, the fourth book in The Outsider Series,  the one woman who’d stirred Diana’s jealousy, added in a malpractice, a doctor leaving the hospital in disgrace returning to her hometown where she grew up on a ranch with horses. Having a doctor's career end the way Margaret’s did, left her with a lot of soul searching of  “what’s next.” Working with a difficult horse just came naturally for her, so it was an occupation she was thrown into, without realizing this was what she was doing, including meeting the love of her life. It was just a story that fell together, including the teenage misfit son, and all the sexy alpha brothers of Joe Wilde who you’ll be introduced to in each of the upcoming books in this new series, The Wilde Brothers. But unlike many series available, each of my books in a series can be read as stand alone.

3. The last couple of years have been going well for you and your career. What was the most challenging thing about getting to this point?

The last two years have extremely successful and I’m very happy with the point I’ve gotten to in my career. But it wasn’t easy getting here, it’s all about persistence, knowing what you want, and not giving up. What many don’t realize is it’s all about how you approach everything in life, keep going, keep learning, keep working and don’t take no for an answer. If a door shuts in your face, you need to tell yourself it’s time to take a new approach. Don’t take it personally. One of the best pieces of advice I was given and I’ve learned to apply it to my own life and in my career as an author is, if something isn’t working the way you’re approaching it, take a step back, re-evaluate and come at it in a different direction. So to be successful you have to write, and I had to learn to listen and take advice only from those who were successful in the industry, and with the help of some very successful friends in the industry, I followed their advice and continue to take all they say and do and apply it to what I’m doing. For me it works, and grateful to have such supportive friends. I work with a successful group of authors both traditionally and indie published in the Indie Book Blowout and Free Partay  and all of us have one thing in common, we play to win. 

4. Can you describe Margaret and Joe in three words?

Headstrong, Passionate, Independent.

5. What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Most important don’t give up. Write your book, and then send it off to your editor, don’t make the mistake some Indie authors do of trying to self-edit. You can’t do it. Make it professional, and start building your backlist, one book at a time. Remove from your vocabulary all those negative words, I can’t do this, I’m too busy, I don’t have time. Make a plan for the year. How many books are you going to write? Series? And then outline it all. And then schedule your time everyday to write. Give yourself a target, ten pages, five thousand words a day, whatever it is, find a way to make it happen. You can do it.

In order to be a success you have to make the time, stay focused, and you need to decide what’s important to you. And remember,  listen to advice from your fellow successful authors, pay it forward, and never, ever bash one of your fellow authors. This is a small industry, and it will come back to you in some way just like everything does in life. You get back what you put out.

6. Are you working on anything new, and if so, can you tell us a bit about what to expect? 

Yes I am. I am finishing up the last book of Walk the Right Road Series, titled Blown Away, The Final Chapter. My fans have been waiting a while for this finale to see if Dan gets his just rewards for all the really really horrible things he’s done. It will be available this month. And I’m giving nothing away of what is going to happen.

And because of all the emails I received from my readers who were so upset that The Wedding was the last book of The Outsider Series, I have outlined a brand new series with Andy and Laura Friessen, as they move away and start a new life in Montana. So yes the Friessen’s will continue. 

This or That?
Morning or Night?
I am a very early morning person. It is the best part of the day when everything is just waking up, it is peaceful and quiet.
Chocolate or Vanilla? 
Chocolate, organic only.
Pancakes or Waffles? 
That’s a tough one for me. I love both.
Rain or snow? 
Definitely rain. I grew up in Alberta in the snow and the cold, and since I’ve escaped to the west coast of sunny warm Salt Spring Island, I have vowed to never ever go back to that cold. I’d take the rain any day over snow.
Romance or comedy? 
Romance! It’s all about love.
Tea or coffee? 
Coffee, black dark roast and organic.
Movies or television shows? 
Not that I watch much of either, but TV, my favorite show is Longmire. That I won’t give up for anything.
Reading or sleeping? 
I’m not a person that lays in bed I have an eject button at dawn. I sleep only what I need, and do sleep well. But if I’m restless I’ll pick up my Kindle and read.
Physical copies or ebooks? 
Since I purchased my Kindle paperwhite, I will never go back to physical books again. I am absolutely in love with my kindle and I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have one. I was at one time a person that had to hold a paperback in my hand for the book to be real, but I’ve long since kicked that notion out the door.
Cats or dogs? 
Both,  I would have a farm full of animals if I could. 

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