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August 22, 2013

TQOTD - Do you read the book before the seeing the movie?

It’s no new news that The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones came out in theaters yesterday. We’ve only been talking about it for a couple of years now after all... (so go, run out and watch it NOW lol). For those of you not in the know, the movie is based on Cassandra Clare’s series The Mortal Instruments which consists of 6 books; the last book will be published in May 2014. It may come as a surprise though that I only finished reading book 1 two days ago. (eek, I know!)
So in honor of this much awaited release, my question for you is: Do you read the book before seeing the movie?
I won’t lie, I tend to jump on the band wagon with some books and series after learning it will soon be a movie. The previews always look so awesome. (I’ve done this with The Hunger Games, Divergent, even Harry Potter). And I like to always read the books first, mostly because I feel many movies are unable to fully do the book justice. There simply isn’t enough time to capture all the author wants us to know… so whole events and characters are left out and the viewer is left pondering about way too much. Relationships are not fully developed and key plot points are skipped over when they play a major role. One pet peeve though with seeing the movie after reading the book is when the character looks nothing like how I envisioned them in my head.
So you know my preference, but what about you?



  1. No worries, I have not read any of them yet. the movie looks good.

  2. I have to read the book first. If I see the movie, I won't even pick up the book. I want to read the book and see it in my mind's eye first and decide if I like it or not. I was not crazy about TMI,the movie, which I did see yesterday. I know they have to change things when they make movies but some of it was great and some things I was disappointed in. I am thinking I may not go see The Vampire Academy because I don't want to ruin how I see it. I saw Dimitri with a wig on and saw the trailer and it wasn't what I saw and I loved the series.

  3. I try to read the book first if I can and it's something I know I will want to read. I don't want to be disappointed when I see the movie and then go to read the book and know what is going to happen.

  4. I will only watch the movie if it is a book I know I'll never get around to reading. I still haven't watched all the Harry Potter movies because I've only read through book #4. Drives my husband crazy because if he is watching I freak & make him turn it off or I leave the room lol

  5. I really do try to read the books before the movies. But I don't always get the chance to. I saw the "Hunger Games" before reading the book and I thought it was a great movie. So I can only imagine how much better the book is.

  6. I try to read the books before the movie! I agree that the movies almost never live up to the books. The Hunger Games was so close and I really loved that! I don't want to see TMI because Jace looks nothing like what I think and I don't want the actor to ruin Jace for me.

  7. Oh HOW many times have I watched the movie and been disappointed?? Too, too many. So yes, I read the book before I watch the movie. And then, if the book was better than the movie (as often happens), I can preach to my friends about how they should read the book instead. :)

    I actually have an ongoing list right now of lit-based movies coming out in 2014, that I need to reas the books of, ASAP.

  8. I have done both read first and then watched and also watched and been spurred on to read the book. I really enjoyed City of Bones. I had picked up the book, but not yet had the chance to read it. The movie to me was obviously geared towards those who have read the book and to me needed more background info and character development. I am looking forward to read the books now :)

  9. I had been looking for a movie based book and found out an interesting one online.


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