April 08, 2013

Review: Just Remember to Breathe by Charles Sheehan-Miles

Just Remember to BreatheJust Remember To Breathe
by Charles Sheenan-Miles
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Published November 12th 2012
by Cincinnatus Press
first published August 30th 2012)

Alex Thompson’s life is following the script. A pre-law student at Columbia University, she’s focused on her grades, her life and her future. The last thing she needs is to reconnect with the boy who broke her heart.

Dylan Paris comes home from Afghanistan severely injured and knows that the one thing he cannot do is drag Alex into the mess he’s made of his life.

When Dylan and Alex are assigned to the same work study program and are forced to work side by side, they have to make new ground rules to keep from killing each other. Only problem is, they keep breaking the rules.

The first rule is to never, ever talk about how they fell in love.

          My Review:

     This is my second read of Mr. Miles and my goodness he is a great writer! At first the writing kind of threw me off, but as I continued to read I understood where he was going with the story and then I fell in love with the characters. Just Remember to Breathe is a book about love, second chances and moving forward in life. Lately I've been reading books with different POV's, which I enjoy because it gives me an idea of what each character goes through in the story. Just Remember to Breathe is told in two different POV's, from Dylan's and Alex's.

     Image yourself, living life, going to school. Then all of a sudden you have an assignment and end up teamed up with the one person that has hurt you like no one else. That's what happened with Alex. So to try and make the best of things, they make rules. One of them is never talk about the past. But how easy will that be when there's resentment  there for each other. Doesn't work well.

     While working on the assignment with Alex, Dylan is battling with PTSD. His tour in Afghanistan has put a dent on his physical health and mental health. Together they start running to get back into shape. That's where all they rules they set go down the drain. But I'm glad it does, because they are so much better together. I really enjoy Mr. Miles writing and can't wait to continue to read about the sisters. Just Remember to Breathe gets a 4 stars and a definite Good Choice for Reading!


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