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November 22, 2012

Review: Lucky 13 by Morgan Kearns

Lucky 13 (Deadlines & Diamonds, #4)Lucky 13 by Morgan Kearns
Published November 13th 2012
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Tragedy made it possible for Enrique Santiago to take over as Left Fielder for the Las Vegas Rockets.

Talent keeps him there, giving him everything a guy could want. Except a woman to share it with.

A painful past with one very prominent reminder molded Shayne Xavier into the woman she is. She isn’t bitter or jaded, though. She’s a realist. Men can’t be depended upon and only lead to broken promises and shattered hearts.

Unaware of the demons of her past, Ricky tries to offer strength as Shayne’s life spins out of control. Sometimes Happily-Ever-After is too good to be true. Will Shayne and Ricky ever be able to restore the luck of his Lucky 13.

          My Review: 

     First of all, look at that cover. Isn't he HOT?! Yummm. He is all kinds of sexy. Every book I read of Morgan Kearns becomes my new favorite. But seriously this one is my favorite. LOL. From the moment I picked up Lucky 13 to the moment I put it down, I was laughing and crying. I feel Morgan Kearns exceeded in keeping her readers invested. Ms. Kearns, I am invested in you and in your books. I think you are a great writer and I can't wait to read what's next for "Deadlines & Diamonds". I have read 5 of her books and 5 of her books has left me a satisfied reader. So she has a fan for life with me.

     Morgan has kicked it up a notch from "Out of Left Field". In that book, she stepped out of her element with sexual tension. In Lucky 13, she took a flying leap!! Shayne was such a great character. Her sexual innuendos had me laughing out loud. Her spicy attitude was entertaining to the point it startles super HOT and sexy Ricky Santiago. In my opinion, I didn't find Ricky cocky like most athletes, he seems more reserved. Nothing like Xavier from "Out of Left Field". One thing I love about this book was, I was able to connect the "Ricky" character with this gorgeous cover model. So all his scenes on paper was like a mini clip in my head.

     The story line was written perfectly. I love how Ricky fell in love with Shayne AND her son. He didn't leave out her son for anything. Normally a man would charm the mom then they try to charm the son. But he charmed them both at the same time. That was very admirable. I can keep going on and on about Ricky Santiago, because I fell in love with him too. Ricky was raised by a strong mom. So he's a strong and respectful man. He's everything Shayne needs.

     Need I tell you how much I love this book? I absolutely love this series and with every book, it only gets better and better. Morgan has me rooting for all her characters. But I can say Ricky Santiago is by far my favorite. I think it's because I've seen so many pictures of him on her facebook. And he seems very charming and he's sooo cute. I give Lucky 13, 5 huge golden stars. It has all that I need in a book romance and comedy. Lucky 13 is a definite MUST buy and a definite Good Choice for Reading.



  1. This is a new title for me and I will admit not something I normally would have looked at, but after reading your post sounds like it may be a winner. Will have to hop over and check out more. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I am happy to hear it has intrigued you. All her novels are really good. Hope you try one out.

  2. Thank you, Wanda! I'm honored to have you as a fan. Thank you for your continued love and support! Big hugs!

    1. You're welcome Morgan. I love your work. So it's always a pleasure.

  3. I will definitely have to check this one out. Although I am not a fan of sports in real life, I do love characters who are athletes :) And this story sounds great, plus I have to agree that the cover is HAWT!

    1. There's no real technical baseball terms in here. I wouldn't like that either. He's just a baseball player and that's about it. So it won't throw you off.

  4. This sounds like a fun read! This isn't my usual reading genre but it sounds promising :)


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