September 22, 2012

Review: Heart of a Solider By Tamara Hoffa

Heart of a Solider
By Tamara Hoffa
Boroughs Publishing Group
Sept 22 2012
34 Pages

Charlotte, Charlie, MacKenzie has been raising her son Evan alone for the last five years. When Evan decides he wants to join the Army, into her life walks Jamison Hunter. Career Military, helicopter pilot, currently working as a recruiter. Why does the first man to stir her interest in years have to be the enemy?

Jamison Hunter is stuck in Tennessee, recouping from a torn rotator cuff. The Army has been his life, but seeing his family and friends, makes him long for something more. Is he ready to give up combat and settle down?

Sparks fly when Charlie and Jamie clash over her son, the Army and what it means to lose the one you love. Come see if Charlie can win the Heart of a Soldier.

Heart of a Soldier came to Boroughs as an entry in their @First Sight short story contest and they recognized the work as a perfect fit for their new short story line Lunchbox Romance - delicious short Romances consumable during the lunch hour.

I found it was perfect to read on a lunch break as it is being marketed as such. At just 34 pages I found it to be a great short story. However this was one of those short stories that I wish was longer. I enjoyed the characters and wanted to go deeper into their budding romance.

Charlie has only even been with her husband and when she meets Jamie she is unsure of herself and what she feels. It's been five years since she lost her husband and did not ever think she could date someone else much less really go for it. All the while she is unsure of letting her heart go, what if Jamie gets deployed away, can she handle loss again?Charlie learns to be a strong woman with Jamie by her side, even letting her son Evan make the choice of the Army or collage. I also like the friendship she has with Bethany. Bethany is often Charlies voice of reason and I found sometimes Bethany could be funny. Every woman has the one true friend who tells you like it is!

This is Tamara Hoffa's first published story and I do believe she has great potential! I wish her luck and look forward to her next story.

3 out of 5 stars


  1. It is short and I think it is for sale at like .75 or something. So well worth it to be a quick read while on a lunch break or waiting at a doc appt.

  2. Sounds like it's a decent quick read. Not sure if it's my taste though.

  3. I think this cover is very sweet and I love that it looks painted. Something different and I like that.

    1. Lawren, thank you, It is painted,my daughter Cat Hoffa is an artist and she did the cover for me :)

  4. Thanks for the review! and Lawren, my daughter Cat Hoffa did the cover and it is drawn not computer generated, Glad you like it :)


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