August 24, 2012

Review: Covet by Melissa Darnell!

By Melissa Darnell
Paperback, 488 pages
Expected publication: September 25th 2012
By HarlequinTeen

Dangerous to be together. Painful to be apart.Savannah Colbert knows she broke up with Tristan Coleman for the right reasons. Most of all, to keep from killing him with her new vampire abilities. But try telling her heart. Now, lost in a sea of hostile Clann faces, Sav tries to come to terms with what she's becoming and what that means for her future. And that someone is doing their best to bully her into making a terrible mistake.

Tristan can't believe Sav won't even talk to him. If being apart is her decision, fine. Just don't expect him to honor it. But even as he prepares to fight for the girl he loves, forces beyond their control take them both in directions neither could have foreseen or prepared for.

A reckoning is coming…and not everyone will survive.

Covet takes you on one big emotional rollercoaster ride. You will want to cry, laugh, scream with joy, and you’ll want to reach into the book and smack some sense into the characters. I went through so many emotions while reading Covet and I am not sure if I’ve fully recovered yet. I loved every minute of it! I didn’t think it would top Crave, but Darnell pulled it off.

Things change drastically for Savannah and worse than in book one. Just when she think things will be okay for her Tristan and they can finally be together, something else happens and she has to break up with him just to keep him safe and keep the peace. It broke my heart and I wanted to seriously scream. Darnell does such a great job putting emotions down on paper that you feel it’s happening to you. I felt like I was Savannah and making the hardest decision of my life.

Tristan, poor Tristan. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him throughout the whole book. He got the short end of everything. Actually both characters just had one thing after another happening to them. They just couldn’t catch a break. Their emotions about everything just tore me up, but some were good and some were bad. When I say you can feel everything they feel, I am not kidding. It was practically coming off the pages. And all the magic happening was awesome! This is one of the things I really enjoy about this series. The take on magic and vampires that Darnell conveys; it’s refreshing and fun to read.

Needless to say, Darnell is on auto buy for me and this series is definitely one of my favorites. I have a lot of books that are my favorite, but when asked for recommendations, this series is one that always comes to mind. I always push the first book, and I am pushing it now. If you haven’t started this series, please do. It’s fantastic and creative in every way!

I will say though that at one point the story did slow down, but it was necessary in order for readers to fully understand Savannah’s new life. She learns a lot about herself and her father. However, I do think some parts could’ve been shortened. Once the story picks back up though, it’s unputdownable! Oh, I have to add that the ending shattered me. I still don't know if I am happy about it, or just sad. I am not upset and do like where the story went, but O-M-G! Love it! When I was done reading Covet, I was searching on GoodReads for others to discuss it with because I wanted to just let it all out. Such a great book! Read it!

4.5 Stars out of 5!


  1. Glad you liked it. I've had both books for a while but havent started the series yet

  2. I haven't read the first book, but I am gonna get it! I love when an author makes you feel the whole gammet of emotions! THanks for the great review!!

  3. Glad you liked it and tnx 4 the review

  4. I haven't read book 1 yet, but I may have to check this one out. And as terrible it is for the book completely shattering'll be the one thing that you remember months later.

  5. I really need to get to Crave, don't I? It is one of those books that I haven't really heard a whole lot about, but the little I have heard about it has been good. And now I read your review of Covet and I really want to hurry it up and get to book 2! Thanks for a great review, and for reminding me of a book that I have been missing out on!

  6. It sounds good, but it also sounds like Twilight. I'm indifferent on this book. It sounds okay.

    1. Oh no, I can tell you right now that Crave and Covet are NOTHING like Twilight. The only thing they have in common is that they both have Vampires in the story. LOL

  7. Can't wait to read this one! So glad you really enjoyed it!

  8. Hi I have just recieved this from NetGalley! Its looks brilliant and I love the cover. I'm so glad you liked it... another positive review I have seen. Great Review!

    I'm a new follower, I would love a a follow back if you are interested.

    Emma @ Never Judge a Book by its Covers

  9. I was completely blown away by Covet. Yes, I enjoyed the first installment, but I don't remember it having quite the same effect on me. The sheer depth of the raw emotion in Covet was absolutely staggering as I felt like I was being torn apart right along with the characters. This was an absolutely brilliant follow up to Crave, and I highly recommend it.


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