May 22, 2012

Review: The Truce by Maxine Marsh (18+)

** due to graphic cover we can not share on Good Choice Reading. However clicking the title link you can view cover.
The Truce.
by Maxine Marsh
Published April 23rd 2012
by Noble Romance Publishing
Sarah is next in a long line of women charged with preserving a precarious truce. Her township lies on the edge of the Split Forest, a sinister wood where an unknown threat to her people lurks. What it is exactly, no one speaks of, leaving her to face the unknown alone and vulnerable on the night of the full moon. On that same night, her faithful husband, Jonah, also finds himself face to face with the truth—that the dark curse of their people is not what it seems.
This was a bit of a strange story for me. I liked how it was two parts, her story and then his, both of the same events told from their own points of views. It was a quick read I was able to do in under an hour. This was a good thing to read while waiting around with nothing to do.

This is about a creature in the woods the town has made a truce with to protect their people from. When the moon cycle comes, a woman from the village is to be offered as a sexual sacrifice to the creature. Sacred and alone Sarah must face this duty as all the women before have done. But will her husband still want her in the morning? Will she ever be the same person?

Jonah watches his wife go off to be with the creature. With the help of the other husbands who have endured this before him he sets out to accept what the night brings. This is where a surprising twist makes it a good story. I have to say never saw it coming.

Short story with a big twist, a good combination!

3 out of 5 stars

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