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April 19, 2012

TQOTD: Book Sequels - Sometime Good, Sometimes Bad.

Today we want to talk about sequels since almost every book released today is a trilogy/series.

You know when you read the first book to a series and you just absolutely love it that you cannot wait for the second book, only book two isn't as good as you had hoped? Or better than the first? In fact, sometimes it feels the second book is just a fill in for now until the third and final book is released with the true story?

So our question today is...

What do you do when you do not like a sequel to a series you've been obsessed with? Do you continue reading the series, or do you stop at book two? 

I do continue the series, but I find that I am not as excited for the third book as I was for the second. And I end up taking my sweet time getting to the third book.

Let me know what you think!


  1. I usually continue the series because I really want to see how it ends. For example, I really like Matched a lot. But Crossed was not as good for me...kind of slow, felt like a bridge. But I want to see how the story ends, so I will read Reached when it comes out.

  2. I normally carry on anyway - sometimes the third book is good enough to redeem the second! But as you've said, I don't end up eagerly anticipating the third book as much as I did the second!

  3. This just recently happened to me. I read Wither and was sooooo excited to read Fever. Which was a HUGE let down. The main character didn't even seem like the same person! I forced myself through the book where the author leaves it at a cliff hanger-of course! I will read the third one but will get it through the library and not buy it.

  4. This happen to me too with Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush series. I loved Hush, Hush, and thought Crescendo was okay, but Silence to me was just a waste of paper. It felt like I was reading a recap of Hush, Hush and Crescendo. I didn't even finish it because I was disappointed. However, I will still be reading the last book which I believe is called FINAL lol. I was almost ready to give up though.

  5. I usually quit the series if one of the book leaves me cold. If it's just not as good as the first, but not necessarily bad, I'll give the next book a try.

  6. I've read a few sequels that were a bit of a disappointment but I usually end up finishing the trilogy or series.
    It takes a lot for me to stop reading a series midway through, the book would have to be super horrible.

  7. I usually finish the series too. Because i feel i have invested so much into reading the first few in sequel that i might as well finish it off. Its like closure for me.

  8. I usually finish the series, but my mind just sort of keeps the memory that the sequel was bad, so I'm sort of biased when reading the next books and don't enjoy them as much :( I hate it when that happens

  9. I've found that the second book, especially in a trilogy, will be my least liked book of the series. Often they are just a bridge. The first book is meant to hook and the third is meant to wrap up the series.

    I'm much more likely to soldier on with a series if it's by an established author that has a backlist outside of the series. For authors on their sophomore or junior novel, I might just call it a wash. Especially if it is a YA book where I waited for the second or third book to come out. Now to have to see if I like the next release in a year? I've already lost interest, in that case.

  10. It really depends on how long the series is. For example, I've been in the process of reading the Twilight saga for about two years now. I enjoyed the first two books, but book three was a bummer. I actually skipped half a chapter in that book because I dislike it so much. I debated over whether I should read the final book. I decided I ought to since it's just one final book and then it's done.

    But, then there are the longer series. I'm halfway through the Series of Unfortunate Events books, but I don't think I'll actually ever finish the series. There's 13 books for goodness sakes! I'm half way through, but that means I still have 6 books to go! It's not that the book are bad. They're actually really fun. But, after a while they seem redundant.

  11. I continue reading with the hope that the next book/s will be better.


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