March 24, 2012

Review: The Forbidden Claim By Kelly Gendron (18+)

The Forbidden Claim
ebook, 250 pages
Published March 1st 2012
by Red Sage Publishing

US Marshall Jinx Collins is an outspoken, free-spirited, and fearless woman. It’s that same fearlessness, however, that tends to get her into trouble. Jinx questions her life prior to being adopted. When those questions lead her to a murderer who’s about to be transported into the witness protection program, Jinx decides to kidnap him to see if she can uncover the truth. Jed Kane has worked undercover in the human trafficking ring for years. When Jed accepts a job to disguise himself as one of his worst enemies and take a ride from the correctional facility to a secured location, he certainly had not planned on being abducted by Jinx Collins. Jed’s uncertain as to how he feels about her touchy-feely hands and loose lips—unsure if they irritate him or if they are awakening his badly behaving desires. Jed knows he must first find out what the fanatical little lady wants with a murderer before he can act on whatever he’s feeling.Straight away Jinx is attracted to the resilient and enticing Jed Kane—the only man who hasn’t backed down from her candor. While Jinx discovers that the questionable criminal may be able to assist her in finding out the truth about her past, Jed vows to save Jinx from her daring self. Once Jinx starts to understand what Jed feels for her—he wants to own her—she demands that he succumb to the raging frenzy. Jed allows himself to seduce her body, submitting himself to that dominant need. But haunted by a world of unlawful ownership, Jed forbids his cold heart to stake its dangerous claim on Jinx Collins.Locked away in a dark basement, a little boy is waiting to be rescued—and Jinx’s past holds the key to his prison. If Jinx can finally find the truth which holds her fears, and if Jed can forgive himself for his past, then not only might they be able to save the boy, but they might also discover that their carnal desires really derive from their own prison... an inescapable prison of love.

This book had me hooked from the first paragraph! I loved both the main characters and what they each brought to the story. The constant ups and down gave it so much chemistry! I found I could not get enough of this story.

Jinx is trying to solve the mystery of her past, going only by a picture and a memory in her head she must do whatever it takes to get her answers. Being a U.S. Marshall, she is skilled and strong minded, but sometimes she just does not think before she reacts. In fact it is the non-filter that lands her in some serious hot water throughout the story. Once she meets Jed Kane the man she kidnapped by mistake, Jinx is willing to throw everything away to capture more than just the man.

Jed Kane has done such horrible things in his pursuit for the better good; he does not think he is anything other than a bad man, incapable of love. When he first meets Jinx he can’t help but rethink his whole outlook. Why did she kidnap him and why is she so interested in the murderer he pretended to be. Jed does not like what she does to him in more ways than one, but he can’t help but keep coming back for more. Wanting so badly to own her, something he knows is so wrong in his world, he does everything to keep his little lady at bay.

Throughout the story we also get the story of a young boy locked away as a human prisoner in the world of human trafficking. We get to hear his fears and acceptance of no longer being human. He no longer even goes by a name, just Boy, his minds way of coping of the situation he is in. You feel for him and hope he is saved before it is too late. Unlocking who he is and what he does for others like him was not only a shocking story, but a tender one as well.

This story was so good, a consent page turner. I loved the tension between Jed and Jinx, and I loved the way they both fought to top the other. I love how they both want to keep who they are secret to save each other from pain of their pasts. There was a great mystery needing to be solved as you progress through the book, and I could not wait to get my answers, and when they came out, my mouth was on the floor. If you love a drama filled book with great chemistry and budding love this one is for you!

5 out of 5 stars!


  1. Great review. This is definitely one of the most unique storylines I have ever heard. I will definitely read this. Thanks for posting about it.

  2. WOW! I hadn't heard anything about this book but it really sounds like an amazing page turner. I've not read anything by this author but I'll definitely be checking for this book. Thank you for the honest review.


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