March 24, 2012

Book News: Hunger Games/ Wimpy Kid / The Host!

This Saturday we'd like to share three pieces of news for you....

Unless you've been living under a rock this entire year, you are fully aware that The Hunger Games film adaptation was released yesterday, March 23rd, to widespread mania. Film-goers lined up for hours just to catch a midnight showing of the film or even a middle-of-the-night showing. 

With that being said, it should come as no surprise that most of the book news in the world right now is focused solely on this film! Here are some of the better articles I found for you: 

1) Have you seen the movie, but haven't touched the books? Well, here's a great article giving you 10 reasons to pick up the trilogy.

2) Fell in love with The Hunger Games and onto looking for that next great book? Check out this article that talks about four other series you might really love! 

3) This is a really well-written column from the Philadelphia Daily News about a critic's take on The Hunger Games and it's popularity. 
Happy Reading!


Maybe it's you. Maybe it's your son or daughter. Maybe it's your niece or nephew. Maybe it's even your mom! But I'm guaranteeing that you know someone who is in love with the series: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

And now you can give them the good news: there is a new book in the series set to be released this November! The first six books have sold over 75 million copies worldwide - and that's only as paperback copies (there are no e-versions available)!

Are You Excited About This Next Book?!

Now I personally never bothered to pick up Stephanie Meyer's newest book, The Host, simply because I was a little Twilighted out. I was afraid that Stephanie's writing style wouldn't be very different, or wouldn't be much better than that of Twilight. 

But maybe I should - after watching the trailer for the film - set to be released in 2013, this book sounds really good! 

Check out the trailer below.

Have You Read The Host? Would You Recommend It?


  1. Yes you should read the Host! Super good. One of my fav. books ever but it takes a good 80 pages to understand what's happening - which is why it's a love/hate kind of read. But try it!

  2. I would definitely recommend The Host. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. It took me by surprise. I love how Stephanie describes it, Its sci-fi for those who don't like sci-fi.

  3. I wasn't a fan of the Hunger Games, but I'm going to give the movie a shot, if for no reason other than I like Jennifer Lawrence, lol. But the violence in the book disturbed me and I'm sure seeing it on screen will be worse.

    You should read The Host! In my opinion it is a lot better than Twilight. It doesn't really pick up until about 13 chapters in though, which is the downfall. Many people give up before they get to that point.

  4. I been waiting this movie since I read the book. I really enjoy The Host.
    My favorite character is Ian.

  5. I tried to read The Host after it came out but I never really could get into it. I couldn't get past the first chapter no matter how much I tried. I'm definitely going to see the movie, though. I'm planning on giving the book a second try afterwards. Who knows, I may be able to finish it this time!

  6. I've read The Host three times in the past three years if that tells you anything. I love that book. I'll admit that it starts slow and it's a pretty big book, but it was worth it by the end. Much better than Twilight in my opinion.

  7. I saw that there were to be two more books in this series. Loved this book, read it right after The Twilight series and
    it was great! Can't wait to see what they do with it on the big screen.

  8. The Hunger Games movie was so amazing :) My brother loves Wimpy Kid so I'm sure he'll be excited for new one. I would deffinately read the Host it's awesome and I can't wait for the movie.

  9. The Host is AMAZING!! I loved that book. There was so much that surprised me about it, but not so sure how it will translate into a movie....there's a TON to that book! smiles....

  10. Hi! Yes I love this book! I think it's a little more adult then the Twilight series! I think the story line is amazing! Really different from Twilight, if your afraid to read the same thing! I find it a bit ''slow-paced'' sometime but the rest make you forget about it!

  11. I can't wait to see The Hunger Games! Gotta wait till next weekend though. And I'm really interested to see how The Host turns out.

  12. I´m so in love to The Hunger Games! and so excited about The Host! They ate Amazing! <3 of course I Recommend It!

  13. I am not sure how I feel about The Hunger Games Series and movie. Last year I had gotten to the point where I was so sick of hearing about this series. Then someone was talking about the book and I saw the trailer and I thought maybe it isn't as bad as I thought. BUT then I saw a different movie trailer for the film and listened to someone else talk about the series and it totally made me feel like I did last year. So now I am at the point where I will wait for it to come to DVD before I will possible watch it.

    As for The Host, I LOVED that book. BUT it took me until Chapter 7/8 to get into the book. Before that the story kind of dragged on and I wasn't even sure I was going to finish reading the book. I am so glad I stuck with it because I so didn't want the book to end. I am so interested to see how it all plays out in the movie especially because the parts that I thought dragged on will most likely be a "blink and you would have missed it" moment in movie form so....yay.

    And the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series according to my oldest son rocks. They were the first books that I didn't have to pull teeth to get him to read. He loves them so much he even reads them to his little brother.

  14. First, I can't believe there are people who have seen the movie and haven't read the books. Get with it people. Books before movies. Geez. Also. The Host trailer made me sad. It could have been so much just wasn't striking enough.

  15. My 14 year old step son introduced me to
    The Hunger games & Whimpy Kid. I loved the hunger games & understand the violence is not suppose to be enjoyed... It is suppose to be feared as a possibility in a horrible society. The things forced upon the citizens is suppose to give us understanding I believe & Katniss is a hero in her kindness & need to care for those she loves.


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