February 18, 2012

Blog Tour/Character Interview: Willow from Because of Low by Abbi Glines!

Author Abbi Glines interviews Willow “Low” Foster from her new contemporary romance release Because of Low.

Abbi: Can you explain your relationship with Cage a little to us?

Low: well... it’s a difficult relationship to explain. I can tell you that I’m not attracted to Cage. But I do love him. He’s always been there for me. Cage isn’t the kind of guy a girl gives her heart to. That would be foolish. Although, he has a HUGE heart just some really screwed up ideas.

Abbi: Fair enough. Okay tell us a little about the first time you met Marcus.

Low: As shallow as it sounds, I was immediately attracted to his looks. His eyes are almost hypnotic and his smile made my knees weak. Then the way he smelled *sigh*... he smells really good. All clean and fresh.

Abbi: Did you know from the moment you met him that you’d end up together?

Low: Gosh no. I mean, it was a fantasy of mine but I didn’t really imagine Marcus would be interested in someone who grew up the way I did. Besides, I came with baggage. Most guys can’t handle a girl with the issues I dealt with. But then, Marcus was different.

Abbi: What is your best childhood memory with Cage?

Low: Hmmm... we don’t have many fond childhood memories but I think the one thing I can look back on and smile is our McDonald’s Fridays. Every Friday after school Cage and I would walk an extra mile out of the way to go to McDonald’s. We always bought a large order of french fries then sat in a booth and shared them while we talked about our week. Coming up with the money for the fries wasn’t always easy but I managed to find a quarter or two around the house each week and tucked it away and Cage did the same. Once he was old enough to work he began buying me an entire meal on our McDonald’s Fridays but something about those years when all we could do was share a large fry is very special to me.

Abbi: When did you know you were falling for Marcus?

Low: That one is easy. The day he fixed Larissa and me breakfast.

Abbi: Can you explain your strained relationship with your sister, Tawny, to us?

Low: I wish that were easy but it isn’t. I don’t really understand it myself. We’ve never been close. Literally never. My earliest memories of Tawny aren’t even pleasant. She’s always been very selfish and acted entitled. Which baffled me because we grew up in a tiny cinder block house on the worst street in town. When Mom died I think her dislike for me only got worse. I was her dependent and she didn’t want that. Once upon a time I used to wish we were closer. But now, after everything, I’d rather keep my distance. Larissa, my niece, is the only reason I come around and honestly I think Larissa is the only reason Tawny wants me around.

Abbi: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Low: *grins* If I’m lucky... building a future with Marcus.



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    I love her!!

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