November 10, 2011


In almost every Y.A. novel - heck, in nearly every novel - you have the protagonist vs. the antagonist (aka the good guy vs. the bad guy). Think: Harry Potter vs. Voldemort, Frodo vs. Sauron, Edward vs. The Volturi. And of course, inevitably, the good guys win...cause, you know, that's the way it should be.

Or is it?

Thursday's Question of The Day: Has there ever been a book where you really really wanted the antagonist to win? 

Let me know!


  1. This doesn't count probably since it's a TV show based on a book, but I am so Team Damon - who is an antagonist, kind of.

  2. I read Fallen and Torment by Lauren Kate and . . . yeah. I have a lot of problems with these books, but by the biggest being the Luce/Daniel love story. I really, really, really want Cam (bad guy, who is actually better then the good guy) to end up with Luce. I refuse to read the series anymore until someone tells me Cam (bad guy) wins.


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