November 10, 2011


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Expected publication: November 17th 2011
Mae Day Publishing

When Psyche receives a prophecy gone horribly wrong, she learns that even the most beautiful girl in Greece can have a hideous future. Her fate? Fall in love with the one creature even the gods fear.

As she feels herself slipping closer into the arms of the prophecy, Psyche must choose between the terrifyingly tender touch she feels almost powerless to resist and the one constant she's come to expect out of life: you cannot escape what is destined.

Destined is a fresh and heartachingly romantic retelling of the Cupid & Psyche myth from debut novelist, Jessie Harrell.

Psyche’s life is drastically changed when she becomes the daughter of Aphrodite. She thinks things will be perfect now and nothing could go wrong. That is until Aphrodite makes one request, and that is for Psyche to marry her son Eros. At first she has no idea what to say until Eros opens his mouth. She finds him rude and full of himself. Psyche denies Aphrodite’s request and Eros refuses to let his mother control him. This quickly turns things sour for Psyche. By refusing one simple request, she is now doomed to marry the worst kind of man ever. Ready to face her destiny and deal with whatever is to come, she says goodbye to her family and sets off. But again, her life takes another turn.

The relationship between Eros and Psyche was so much fun to read. Things start off really bad between the two and Eros wants no part of his mother’s plans. So when he fell for Psyche it was so nice to see him so weak over love. The things that play out as well and all the betrayal made this story even more entertaining. Poor Psyche loses a lot and has so much to deal with. I truly felt bad for her and the whole entire time I just kept rooting for her and hoped she got her happy ending.

Destined is definitely a book I recommend, especially if you love reading stories that have to do with Greek mythology. Destined has a nice beginning, awesome middle, and a happy ending that will leave you feeling satisfied. My only criticism is that in the beginning of the story there were times I had to re-read some parts because I found myself a bit lost or confused. Once I got passed that though, I zoomed through the story and loved it! I really enjoyed reading it and love Jessie Harrell's way of storytelling. I want more!

4 out of 5 stars!


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  1. Great review! I also really enjoyed this and found their relationship really fun and sometimes amusing.

    Xpresso Reads

  2. I enjoyed that the feelings were real and modern yet set amongst ancient Greece. Great Review.

  3. Damaris -- I can't thank you enough for the great review and for organizing the blog tour. This has been SO MUCH fun and I love that Destined is making its way into the world. (((HUGS)))

  4. Excellent review! I'm really interested to read this historical mythological book. You're triggering all my needs!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com


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