November 11, 2011

We need your HELP!

Dreamless (Starcrossed, #2)

Hey guys! I'm writing this post to ask you for help. As you can see above Josephine Angelini's second novel "Dreamless" to her amazing first novel "Starcrossed". One of our girls Damaris wants to win an ARC and we the girls at Good Choice Reading is asking you to help us. And here's how you can help. It's very simple.

1. Please LIKE Josephine Angelini's Facebook Fan page.
2. Then post "Damaris @ Good Choice Reading sent me and recommended me this book.

And here's a BONUS! If Damaris wins she promises to share her ARC with one lucky person. :-)

And that's it.
Simple enough isn't it?
We'd like to thank you again for all your help and support.
Above I've linked her goodreads page to each book so you can get more information on her amazing books.
And here's Damaris' review for Starcrossed.


  1. Liked her page and posted. Hope you win.
    Sue Brandes

  2. Awesome I also liked her page and posted on her wall. I hope you win.


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