November 15, 2011

Guest post By Romance Author Teresa D'Amario!

Today we bring you a guest post by romance author, Teresa D'Amario. :-)

Teresa is also giving away an eBook copy of one of her books. The winner gets to choose which title :-)


Sean has known nothing but betrayal in his heart for many years. He's lost the leadership of his pack and with that, his wife. His daughters barely speak to him. Now he wants peace, and the only place to search for it is in the darkness of the forest. But the scent of a human female in peril drags him from the recesses of his pain, crushing what little balance remains.

Caden was once the popular cheerleader dressed to the nines. But when her ex-husband comes in search of blood, she realizes her past is nothing compared to the future she desires. Just as she's about to breathe her last, a voice tells her everything will be okay. But Caden knows different.

Beneath the light of the Blood Moon Festival beats the heart of the ultimate betrayal. Murder strikes so close to the heart, shattering Sean's soul, and destroying Caden's hopes of the future.


What is it about the shifters?

This is the most oft question asked when it comes to shapeshifters. Someone who has never read one will say "What is it about shapeshifters? They sound like they would be nasty?" Yes, I've been asked that very question. And to be honest, at one time I felt the same way.

Let's start with the wolf. When we look at the traditional werewolf, he's definitely violent and gorey, and hasn't got a clue about what he's doing. He's all instinct. That, to me, is not sexy.

But what if, instead of being all instinct, he's part instinct. He is, after all, part human as well, right? So what if, instead of forgetting and running on pure destruction, he keeps those human thoughts in his head, and they argue with those natural instincts? What if he must choose between being an animal and being a man? And what if those instincts stay strong, no matter what shape he's in?

That's what a werewolf in my world is about. He's a man who's driven by more than power and money as our humans are today. He's also driven by the desire to keep his species alive. The desire to protect his mate. And the power and strength to do it all. But sometimes, he's a little bit "more" than a man. Sometimes he becomes what we all are deep and dark inside. He becomes an Animal.

If a reader told you that shifters are gross, how would you explain the sexy in the beast?


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If a reader told you that shifters are gross, how would you explain the sexy in the beast?

Good Luck!


  1. Hi Teresa -
    First how could anyone says shifters were gross! I'd try and explain the sexy by pointing out how powerful and primal they can be. How they seem to have enhanced senses as well as abilities. Just thinking about the strength of a shifter makes me come unglued.


  2. If they stated that they were gross? I would say that they are not. They just change into something else. They are sexy, alpha, and protective. They just have the addition of fur, claws, and fans; but they are still the same person as before. They understand right from wrong. They understand bad & good. In there animal from they are protective and like to eat raw meat.
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.
    Teresa is a new author for me and this book looks great and would love to win and read.

  3. I'm not sure I could go with that "shifters are gross" thing. The animalistic nature of man is bred into him and allowed to come out. Simply put, in a shifter, there is raw power, and that's why I love them. That power, that sensuality is (at least for me) uncontrollable without practice and worth mastering. Or letting some sexy woman master ;)

  4. Wow, my internet is killing me. this is 2 days in a row I posted an answer that didn't show up. Sorry guys! But yes you guys are all right. How he uses that power is so important, and watching the woman who can tame the beast, that too is sexy. I think what I like is to watch them want t use that power, and force themselves to hold back for love and then release it also, for love!

  5. I think I would try to tell them that they are themselves with some added fur,ect. They have a raw and protective quality all in one. They are pretty damn sexy too! Thanks for the chance to win. A new author to me, putting on my wishlist.

  6. Forgot a way to contact

    sariahwalters at gmail dot com

  7. I would certainly tell them to read some of the shifter books we've read and then tell me shifters are gross!

  8. I would say something like, most girls love a bad boy right, well shifters are no different. They can be dark, booding, mysterious, and intense just like any other bad boy we might love. BUT with a shifter you have all that plus a creature that can defend you to the very end with no fear for themselves. They have only your well being in mind. To me that makes a shifter HOT and NOT gross. Are you convinced now? And hopefully that would have changed their minds.

    Name: Raquel Vega-Grieder
    E-Mail: skyla11377(At)AOL(Dot)Com

  9. Ooh! That's a little hard. But I suppose the sexiness lies in the secrecy of being a shifter and the unpredictability that comes with being with one:)

    Sarah Bibi Setar

  10. Hii."If a reader told me that shifters are gross, how would I explain the sexy in the beast?"well..i would say "how can you say that??just look them through my eyes" and then i will explain about their superhuman strength,abilities and ofcourse about how hot they look and all other stuff.Finally i would give them some books of the shifters and i would dare them to ask the same question after reading them ;)

    name: sweety



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