October 28, 2011

BLOG TOUR: Second Hand Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde - This or That w/ Vida.

Fall or Spring
Spring! Definitely spring! It’s the beginning of things. The time when things start sprouting. You don’t see any sign that things are even alive, and then spring comes, and suddenly they just burst up and start growing. I like that.

Thanksgiving or Easter
Thanksgiving. I think it’s very important to remember what you’re thankful for. And since my best friend Esther is (was?) Jewish (she died), I would feel funny making a big deal about Easter.

Pink or Brown
Um. Neither? Definitely not brown. I’d take pink over brown. But I’m not really much of a pink person. Maybe blue or green?

Love or Lust
Love! Definitely love! Because when you love somebody, you get the lust too. Well, not if it’s your brother or your dog or your friend, but you know what I mean. But if it’s lust, there’s not always love there. Usually not, I think. Not the kind of love I mean when I talk about love, anyway.

Earrings or Clip ons
Earrings. Might as well show some commitment.

Baseball or Football
Neither! I hate sports. It bores me to death. That is, if you mean watching sports. If you mean playing sports, I’d play baseball. That’s a good game to play. I might even play touch football, but I sure wouldn’t want anyone tackling me! (And my doctors would be mad, too.)

Short or long hair
I’ve always had it long. But now that I’m on my own, I might just get crazy and cut most of it off. That could happen. Just to try something new, you know?

Relive Teen yrs or Early 20s
Well, I’m just now in my early 20s. Barely. But I’ll still pick early 20s. I’ll just have to wait a while to relive them. I spent all my teen years thinking I was about to die. And going in and out of hospitals. It was bad enough to do that once.

Violin or Piano
Piano. Just because I like the sound of it. And because somebody told me once that violin strings are made of cat gut. Actually, I think they used to be. I bet now they make them out of some kind of synthetic something. But I’m not sure. Anyway, once I got that idea in my head, I wasn’t such a big violin fan.

Reading or Running
Running! Don’t get me wrong. I love reading. Love it. I’ve been reading all my life. Because it was one of a very few things I could do without dying. I couldn’t run. It wasn’t even an option. So now that I can run, well…I’ll still read sometimes. But mostly I want to run.

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