July 09, 2011

Review: Summer's Crossing by Julie Kagawa (@Jkagawa @harlequinteen)

Published June 1, 2011 by Harlequin Teen

A Midsummer's Nightmare?Robin Goodfellow. Puck. Summer Court prankster, King Oberon's right hand, bane of many a faery queen's existence—and secret friend to Prince Ash of the Winter Court. Until one girl's death came between them, and another girl stole both their hearts.Now Ash has granted one favor too many and someone's come to collect, forcing the prince to a place he cannot go without Puck's help—into the heart of the Summer Court. And Puck faces the ultimate choice—betray Ash and possibly win the girl they both love, or help his former friend turned bitter enemy pull off a deception that no true faery prankster could possibly resist.An ebook exclusive novella from Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series.

Summer’s Crossing doesn’t have a lot to offer. It doesn’t add anything unique to this series. It probably wouldn’t be particularly enjoyable for those who aren’t fans of Puck. It gave us a small insight into his mind and the way he works, but that’s about all I got out of it. I think ultimately it serves as nothing more than a little something for us Puck fans, and something to hold the Iron Fey audience over in anticipation for The Iron Knight.

I’m Team Puck. I have been since the beginning. I have some things I could say about the way Meghan handled the situation with him, as well as the attempted character assassination in The Iron Queen, but I will refrain from going into that. Heh.

The fact that I’m team Puck is probably the only reason I enjoyed this. I liked getting a little more out of him, although hearing about his feelings for Meghan directly through him was kind of heartbreaking. If I’m being completely honest, I think my favorite thing about this entire series is Puck and Ash’s friendship in non-friendship disguise. There’s a loyalty there, even if both of them would like to pretend they still hate each other and want each other dead. This small glimpse into their journey ahead is probably the only thing that has me excited for The Iron Knight.

PS I’m sad to say my wholehearted Team Puck views may not reflect the views of the ladies here at Good Choice Reading. ;)

4/5 Stars


  1. As a fellow member of Team Puck, I think you should get into the way Meghan treated him; I may have included a bit of that in my upcoming review of The Iron Queen. I'm still kind of upset about that.

    I thought this was a fun diversion and an okay ending to my reading of the Iron series (I have no interest in The Iron Knight or more Ash). I would however become more interested if Puck and Ash cut Meghan out of their lives and got involved with each other-that probably won't happen even though I love their bickering and chemistry.

  2. I love this series and was SO happy that Puck did what I thought he should do. Really looking forward to THE IRON KNIGHT.

  3. I agree with the no interest in more Ash. I don't dislike him, I just don't really care about him.
    I hate that she kissed Puck and held onto him for her own selfish comfort. UM HELLO BELLA SWAN. She led him on, and then wants to blame him? And then all the sudden Puck had done Meghan wrong, and runs off into the woods with the nymphs (or whatever they were) and that just isn't the same Puck from the first two books in the series. At least not in my mind. I didn't like the way he was portrayed in The Iron Queen. Summer's Crossing? THAT'S the Puck I love. :)


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