May 14, 2011


Hey Everyone!

I've been getting some e-mails asking about the BEA BLOGGER DINNER asking about confirmation. I sent out an e-mail, but I guess it never went through.

I got a hold of the party planner at BBQ's and made our reservation for Wednesday, May 25th at 9 pm. I did not book a set menu since some said they would just drink or eat an appetizer. She did say that they do not split checks, so I asked for a separate table for the authors so if they decide to eat or drink their check isn't mixed up with ours. I advice everyone to please bring some type of calculator because this is going to be NUTS! LOL

Anyway, here is all the information you need :-)

Dallas BBQ's 
261 8th Avenue
(Located on the corner of 23rd Street in the center of Chelsea)

You can take the A, E, or C train to 23rd street and 8th ave

For those who are attending the HarperTeen party, we can just all ride together. It's like a 20 minute train ride.

I know it's a little late, but I think an hour of chit chatting and getting to know each other is perfect. I cannot wait to meet everyone! BEA is only NINE days away!!!! I am so excited!!!

If you have any questions, or changed your mind about joining us e-mail me

Some of you already have my cell phone number, but if you don't and want to meet up before or just talk, e-mail me and I will give you my cell number. :-)

Well, I think that pretty much covers it all. Ah! Can't wait!!!



  1. Thanks, One thing that would be great is that we could keep track of our own tab. If you are talking about the party at Bills Gay Nineties could we arrange a meeting place to get the train. Maybe Midtown stage at time?

  2. Is that where the Harper Cocktail party is going to be? I haven't received anything on the location lol.

  3. Harper Collins never sent me an invite or others, but that is okay, because there is a class of Y2K11 event going on at Books of Wonder between 6-8 pm. I think I will drop off my books at home, then go to BOW, then afterwards go to Dallas BBQ.


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