April 14, 2011

Blogoversary Day Four: All about Wanda & Giveaway!

First off I'd like to say that I'm so happy that I'm a part of this blog. When Damaris came to me with this idea, I said "Let's do it!" and it turned out to be one of the best decisions ever! I can not be happier at the path this blog has taken. I've made so many friends and have come across so many wonderful authors. So on that note I'd like to thank a few people.

                             I love to thank Lakisha Speltzer. She send us a review for her book "Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy" in which I fell in love with it (Review Here) and later on we continued talking and we built a friendship. I am now her BETA reader! And I couldn't be more happier. 

                             I also want to thank some other people. People I became friends with and authors I've come to know and love. Authors who take their time out and talk to their readers and basically treat us with respect while others don't.

                               1. Susan Mallery. Our own GCR Damaris is her head cheerleader for her Fool's Gold Series and she basically became one of ours. Always showing support and reminding us how great we doing.
                               2. Kristi Cook, author of YA popular book called "Haven". We love you Kristi. No other words can express how sweet you are.
                               3. Meagan Hatfield, she was one of the first authors that embraced us when we ranted and raved about her book. She's a true sweetheart.
                               4. Morgan Kearns, she contacted GCR for a review of her book "Fade To Black" and another book I fell in love with. I stayed in contact with her since. And she even written another book which was just a great. She supported all our giveaways with a charm.
                               5. Then there's Margie Church, she's from Noble Romance Publishing. Her vampire erotica is unbelievable which is called "Love Bites". It's amazing! She's always been patient and supportive towards my own desire to be a writer.
                               6. Last but not least, Raquel (Skyla11377), always there to chit chat with about books or if I wanted to rant and rave about something or just help learn something new on blogger. Ty girl!

Now here's a few random fun facts about me:                            

(I figured since you guys know me as an adult, here's me as a child.)

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I'm with Damaris on this one. I hate having to wait on people. Whether it's meeting somewhere or waiting for them to do something. I have very little patience so for that I would rather do it myself. I have issues with that.

2. When you are at the grocery store, do you ask for paper or plastic?
I'm one of those annoying people that would rather have paper. Don't double bag my bag either and stuff as much as you can into ONE bag. Or I'm the one with my own recyclable bags. I'm an earth friendly kinda gal.

3. Do you talk in your sleep?
I think when I was younger I did. But not now. Although my boyfriend talks in his sleep now! And I tend to listen extra closely at what he has to say. One time he said in his sleep "I accept your apology" I just laughed because someone must have done something in his dream to upset him. I wonder if I were to ask him something like he's talking, if he would answer? What do you think?

4. Have you ever locked yourself out of the house?
So when I was a teenager I was staying at my sister's house in Ohio and she locked the keys in. Being that I was the younger and skinnier person at the time. I had to crawl into the bathroom tiny window to get into the house. Highlight of my vacation. Wish I could pull that off now. If I were to try that now, I'll throw my back.

5. Would you give someone else a gift that had been given to you?
Okay, now this may be wrong. But I am the Queen of re-gifting. If someone were to give me something I don't like I feel bad that I don't use it so I would most likely give it away. Sorry. No sense in letting it collect dust. 

6. If you won a $5,000 shopping spree to any store, which store would you pick?
OMG!! Call me cheesy! But I'll spend $5,000 in Bed, Bath and Beyond! I can go in that store and spend money I never planned on spending! I LOOOOOOVEEEE that store!

        So are you ready for my giveaways? Here they are! These are three of my favorite of our blog year and you have your chance to win them. They are all from 3 fantastic indy authors and the winners will receive autograph copies directly from the authors themselves. Unfortunately this giveaway is only for US residents. Sorry =( But before you guys pick the ones you want to win. I have to say that the sweet "Morgan Kearns" is throwing in her second book called "In it to win it" as a bonus! How sweet is she? So let's give a thanks to Morgan for throwing in that freebie. So "Fade to Black & In it to win it" is a package deal.

                                                                  How to Enter:

Just leave a comment below with your name and e-mail. 
You do not need to be a follower, but we would love you lots if you decide to stick with us <3

Don't forget to come back tomorrow! We have something else for you guys!


  1. I have Werelove on my e-reader and now you have made me want to stop everything and go read it!! That's why I love this blog!! You guys are fun and you can feel your book energy! I do enjoy the cover of In It To Win It though ;)!!

  2. Wanda, thank you for giving me a shout out. It is I who should thank you. You're a wonderful friend - you always make time for me even with your busy schedule...and endorsements of my work are priceless. Congratulations on your anniversary and best wishes for many more happy years reviewing books, and becoming a published author.


  3. Happy Blogoversary! Love the blog and I too could get lost for hours in BB&B!

    Thanks! mmafsmith(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Thank you, Wanda, for being willing to listen to my ramblings about Werelove.

    By the way, as my blogoversary gift to you, check out the final cover for "Werelove Midnight Revelations": http://bit.ly/gd0J50

  5. HAPPY DAY 4!
    I love the photo of you as a child. It's so sweet. Thank you for altering me to so many good reads. I really appreciate it.

  6. I would love to read Reunion! Thank you for the wonderful facts, and I am right with you for re-gifting. Sometimes you get a gift that isn't right for you, but you know exactly who it is right for...right? Ha!

  7. I've enjoyed getting to know you through your interviews this week!!

    All the books look like great reads!!


  8. I love Bath and Beyond too just doing go that much cause I know my back account would suffer for it LOL

    Happy 4 Day of Blogoversary


  9. My choice would be 'Reunion'. I read that the author, Jeff Bennington said the book is actually about surviving, standing up to your fears. So I would really love to read that book.


  10. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!
    aurora m.
    Thanks Morgan!!!! Would love to have Fade to Black

  11. Thank you guys for your comments! It has been an amazing year! And we love to share our thoughts about books and other random stuff with you guys!

    @Landssmom- Girl you need to read that book! She has the second one coming out at the end of this month. So I can't wait to read that one!

    @Margie- Anything for you! =D

    @Maria(Mariah)- Now that sounds like a story to be told about the mix up with the names. (& Mistress) But yes I go in there and I am in HEAVEN. From "As seen on TV" stuff to "Yankee Candles" Ahhh I love it!

    @Kisha- Rambling about Werelove is NO issue with me!

    @Victoria- Ty!

    @Colleen- This girl I was once friends with didn't like getting me gifts without asking me what I want. Because she knew that I would re-gift. So basically she knew with me, you couldn't go wrong with perfume. So she was my perfume girl.

    @Carol & Aurora- Reunion was a fantastic book!! I have a review for this book below this post. It's about overcoming and facing your fears. What a world of damage a bully can do to someone! Basically what Jeff says! "Bullies Suck!!"

  12. Wanda hun you are so very more than welcome. Getting to know you through are chats and our rants has been awesome. I am so glad my limited knowledge of Blogger has been a help to you....^_^. Here is to many more years like this one.

  13. Awww, Wanda, I love you right back!! I owe you wonderful ladies so much for your support!! <3

  14. Happy Day 4 Blogoversary!! I hate waiting for peaople too. I'm always early and it drives my kids crazy. Thanks for the giveaway.


  15. Thanks for the giveaway! I love BBB too. :)
    adsanders77 at gmail dot com

  16. I am a follower and email subscriber. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com

  17. Happy Blogoversary and wishing you many years with the blog. Love the blog, I find it so appealing and welcoming. And the reviews are always right on to me. Appreciate it. :) I'd love to try Margie Church's Love Bites.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 at Aol dot com

  18. Umm Carol, I mentioned Margie's book but that's not part of my giveaway. Sorry.

  19. Carol, sometimes you ask and you receive...if you'd like to read Love Bites, that's cool with me...under the condition that you write a short review (without giving away the ending) when you have finished it.

    Margie Church

  20. @Carol if you're interested in Margie's offer, then you can email me at gcrwanda(at)goodchoicereading(dot)com

    And for anyone interested in the book, here's a link to her book on her publishing companies page:


    Or Amazon:


  21. I'm commenting to win it! I'm a follower. Happy Blogoversary! That picture of you is very cute!!


  22. Happy Blogoversary -- I enjoyed reading about Wanda :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  23. gfc follower
    Happy Day 4 of your celebration! What fun!

  24. Hey gals...Happy Blogoversary! Yup, I'm gonna keep wishing you guys every day...coz guess what!?!? You guys deserve it!

    Hey beautiful Wanda,

    Sorry I'm late in replying - the whole day's been a bit of a mess! First of all I applaud you for being a nature/green kinda gal! :D Two, there's nothing wrong with re-gifting. Only because, otherwise, it'd be a complete waste - and wasting something, is never good. Third, that is SUCH an adorable picture! :D

    Aight guys, love ya'll...see ya again, soon! :D

    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  25. Hey love this blog... i would love to win reunion
    My email is djethoney4u@yahoo.com
    And my name is taisha arce

  26. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win REUNION.
    I'm a follower via GFC, Twitter, and email.


  27. I'd say Barnes and Noble, but my 2 teens do need new clothes. So, if I won $5000 gift card, I'd ask for Kohls.
    lvsgund at gmail.com (GFC follower)

  28. Happy Blogoversary. Thanks for the giveaway.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  29. Happy Blogoversary! :D I'd love to enter for Reunion :)


  30. I don't have a problem with regifting. If it's a nice gift, and you don't have a need for it, surely someone else does. Right? I recently got Werelove from Smashwords.

    ke7yca at gmail dot com

  31. OMG, Bed Bath and Beyond...another store I dearly miss. You guys got me homesick, or just wanting to get out of this tiny town I'm in. I could live in Bed Bath and Beyond. :) I would love to be entered for Morgan Kearns books, thanks for the chance


  32. Congrats! Keep up the good work. You are doing an amazing job!



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