April 21, 2011

BEA Blogger Dinner update!


HI everyone

There is a update to the blogger dinner on Wednesday, May 25th. We are changing the time to 9 P.M. That day Harper Collins has a cocktail party that Damaris (Good Choice Reading) and myself are invited to from 6-8 P.M. Also the place we had chosen to meet up does not open that late so we are looking into Dallas BBQ. Damaris is a local from NY and she often eats at this restaurant. The prices are very affordable. If you have signed up already for this dinner and gave us your email then you have received 2 emails from us already regarding this change. We will try our hardest to make this dinner happen so everyone can come. We have some great authors attending the dinner and we wouldn't want anyone to miss the chance to meet them and have a nice time talking books over dinner. 

So if you know of someone going to BEA or BBC, let them know about this Blogger dinner. Dont forget to fill in this FORM , so we can have a count on how many want to attend. 

So we hope to see you all there.

Taken directly from Once Upon A Twilight Blog

Added note: I did just call the restaurant and the gentleman working now said that they do have a Veggie Burgers, Fried Veggies (which is to die for with a side of ranch dressing) and steamed veggie platter. I have to call back in the AM to speak with the party planner as far as making the reservation. I know everyone agreed to just pay for what they order, as long as everyone understands that once we get the bill, we will be sitting there a little while longer trying to figure the bill out lol. I will try and have the authors sit at their own table so their bill isn't mixed in with ours. I will also try and see if maybe the restaurant can make an exception for us and split bills according to parties, since we will be a big party after all. 
Sorry for all the swamped e-mails, next e-mail update will be once everything is booked and set. :-)

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  1. Oh wow! I'm really glad that the venue was changed. Mars was a little out of my price range! Which location is this event planned for? There are several Dallas BBQs...


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