March 08, 2011


Hardcover: 308 pages
Published: January 11th 2011 by Knopf Books for Young Readers

Ceejay has never been pretty or popular, but she knows who she is: Bobby's younger sister. Bobby's a bit wild, but with his big heart and sense of fun, everybody loves him. And nobody understands Ceejay like Bobby.

Ceejay can't wait for Bobby to return home from his tour in Iraq. But when he turns up unannounced and avoids his family, Ceejay notices he's so different. His wild streak has become reckless. His sense of fun has become desperate. And seeing this, Ceejay's own tough shell begins to crack. How can she believe in being strong when her hero is broken?

So I'm actually not so sure about this book. It had a good story - focusing on a young girl named Ceejay who is forced to come to the realization that her brother, Bobby (who just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq), isn't the same guy he used to be. At some points, the story is touching and painful - especially if you know someone who's been in the army in the last 10 years. But at the same time, this book is a little past its time. I feel like the world, myself included, is so desensitized to all the effects of war (there are movies, books, tv shows, even plays focusing on PTSD), that this book seems to be something that's "been done" before. So it's not necesarily the author's fault that this book is not a favorite of mine, it just happens to be the topic.

But here are my final thoughts:
What I liked: the relationship between Bobby & Ceejay, which will remind everyone about the admiration they had for their big brother. I also like the idea of a "misfit revolution" - boy, do we need one of those!
What I disliked: The side story with Grandma. I don't really feel it was needed. Or if it were there just to make Ceejay grow as a character, than I feel like it could've been done better.

3 out of 5 stars

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