February 02, 2011

Review: In It To Win It By Morgan Kearns

Strike One

The girl once known as ‘Plain Jane’ Alexander is now the woman who makes men stop and take notice of her long legs and voluptuous feminine curves. Fifteen years ago she drove away from her small town determined to never look back … and to hate Grayson Pierce forever.

Strike Two

Grayson Pierce is a baseball playing, fast car driving, loose woman dating, expensive liquor drinking jerk. He’s also the guy that ripped Jane’s heart out and beat it with a meat cleaver in front of their entire high school.

Strike Three

When fate—and an offer for an exclusive interview—bring Jane home, she finds that some things aren’t as they appear. And Grayson proves that he is In It To Win It; her trust, her heart, and a World Series title.

My Thoughts:

This is my 2nd book by Morgan Kearns. Her first book is "Fade to Black" which was also a great read. And she is such a great writer. Her first book lured you in immediately and "In It To Win It" grabs you as well. A great romance read.

"In It To Win It" is a sweet romance about love, pain and forgiveness. The story teaches you that when life throws you curve balls. You have to stand up to the plate and hit it out the park. Don't let it knock you down. It's about not letting hurt and pain get in the way of finding true happiness and just forgiving so you can enjoy your life.

In "Win" you have your "Plain Jane" that gets hurt by her boyfriend in High School which leads her to decide to leave town. Becoming a successful reporter she is then thrown yet another curve ball, when she has to interview "him" Grayson Pierce. Not exactly excited nor looking forward to her interview with Grayson. He offers her an "exclusive" interview. No holds barred. But little did she know that what he's planning on proving to her that not only is he "In it to win it" at the World Series but her heart as well.

I really enjoyed this book. What I like most about it is how Jane wasn't one of those women that nag and cry about what he did to her. Instead she was a woman about it. She did what she had to do professionally and ended up getting what she wanted as a woman. Her happiness. Whatever Morgan Kearns puts on ink I will read. She's an author that captivates you the moment you open her book and begin reading. She has a fan for life with me. "In It To Win It" a definite Good Choice for Reading.

In my book 5 out of 5 Stars!

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