February 02, 2011

Cover Love!

This is starting to become one of my favorite parts about being a reader. I just love the covers to some of these books and I am sure the other ladies of Good Choice Reading agree with me. I recently came across two new covers (I know, probably super late) that I absolutely love!

First, we have the cover to The Watchers by Inara Scott (Delcroix academy #2) 

On Inara Scott's website she said that the cover isn't final and that some changes need to be made. Honestly, I love it just the way it is.

The Candidates Cover (Book #1)

Second book cover discovered
Sinful Magic by Jennifer Lyon (Wing Slayer Hunter #4)

*Sigh* I really like this series lol. 

What are your thoughts on these covers?


  1. I agree, the covers are quite wonderful. I actually think I like The Watchers better as the colours just seem to 'pop'. I am really looking forward to reading the second book in the Delcroix Academy series.

  2. I have fallen for the Wing Slayers. Really looking forward to the next two books.

  3. I love The Watchers cover! I'm really excited for that book too. But I heard they pushed back the pub date to 2012. :(

  4. @Victoria, I love that series! The next book comes out on my birthday yay!

    Stephanie and looksie, I love The Watchers cover better! :-)


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