October 26, 2010

Review: His, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox

His, Unexpectedly
By Susan Fox
Publish Date: February 2011
Kensington Publishing Corp.

Shying away from commitment of any kind, Jenna Fallon's rules in life are to have none. So when her car breaks down en route from California to Vancouver--and she's forced to hitch a ride with a sexy stranger--she's thrilled to discover they share the same no-holds-barred views. . .
As a globe-trotting marine biologist, Mark Chambers is used to changing locations--and women. Yet as he and Jenna make their way up the Pacific coast, camping, skinny dipping, and having scorching hot sex, Mark's not so sure he wants to say goodbye. But is Jenna brave enough to meet the challenge of a man who may be perfect for her?

This is my first Susan Fox book and one thing I can say is, I'll definitely pick up another one of her other books. Her story was well written, well pace, not rushed or too slow. In this book her character Jenna was a free spirited woman, one people would consider a modern day "Hippie". And then you have Mark whose all about his career. Mostly all work and no play. But what do you get when you mix those two personalities together? You get a lot of interesting conversations, debates and HOT HOT sex. And let me tell you, I'm a huge fan of erotica. And with those sex scenes, well they get 2 thumbs up from me. So as they travel the Pacific Coast line, they open up and get to understand one another. But as they getting to know one another, their bodies and emotions start picking up on new feelings. That only they have to figure out how to deal with, without breaking their rules.

Like I mentioned before this is my first Susan Fox book and I was not disappointed with this book at all. I love how her characters just threw caution to the wind and took chances on one another. I for one wouldn't be so open to hitch hiking. The thought scares the daylights out of me. I'd be too worried about serial killers. LOL. This story has a funny little conversation about that. But how great would it be to just meet a random stranger and he'd become the one that makes you look at things differently. Well if you're into contemporary romance and a little hot sex scenes. Then you have to pick up "His, Unexpectedly," you wouldn't be disappointed.


  1. Thanks, Dee, for the great review. It got my 2011 off to a lovely start! (And, BTW, may I politely point out that the pub date is February 2011, not 2001 - LOL.)

  2. Sorry Susan, that was me who did the review. I'll fix the mistake. It was a good book. I really enjoyed it. I love how you wrote Jenna's character and the reason behind why she became to be who she was. One can understand and sympathize. 5 out of 5 stars.


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