October 27, 2010

No worries, we're alive!

Hey everyone *Dee here*

So, last night I logged into my classes to attempt to do school work LOL and realized that I am falling really behind in school work and on the blog. So if you see the blog running a little dead for a couple of days, do not worry! LOL we're alive! I need to catch up with school work and all the other girls are in school, work etc. 

We are not taking a break, just taking it a little slower since life has finally caught up with us LOL. I am also trying to go back to work now part-time and guess where? BORDERS! haha I figured since I spend most of my time at Borders why not try to work there lol?

Well anyway, as soon as classes are over you will see a lot more action on the blog. The girls and I will still be adding reviews, news and some giveaways along the way, but it just wont be as often as we normally do.

Also, we have received a couple of e-mails with Review Request and some I've replied to and some I have not had the chance to. At the moment we are being very selective with reviews since we are in over our heads. If we have not replied to your e-mail please send again or give us sometime to reply. 

Thanks everyone! Don't forget we still have some giveaways running until October 29th and the 5th of November.

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