October 15, 2010

Halloween Spootacular Giveaway! (Part FIVE)

Halloween Spooktacular Giveaway

YAY! We've made it to Part FIVE of our Halloween Spooktacular Giveaway!!!

Today we welcome Author of The Emerald Talisman and The Sapphire Talisman (coming Dec 2010), Brenda Pandos. Brenda provided us today with a fun Character post for your reading enjoyment. 

I’m feverishly finishing up edits for The Sapphire Talisman early Friday morning before the kids wake up when there’s a knock at the door. I stop and listen. I hadn’t expected anyone. Who the heck would be out this early. My heart hammers for a moment. Maybe it’s the postman. I jump up from the couch in excitement.
     My swag must be here! Yippee!
     Expecting to see the postman, I throw open the door (after I put on a robe over my jammies, of course) and smile. But it’s not the postman.
     “Hey, Brenda.”
     My eyes grow big as saucers, mouth thick with cotton. “Phil? What are you doing here?” I breathlessly ask.
     “I see you are still writing with lots of clichĂ©’s,” he says with a chuckle.
     I purse my lips, then frown. “Should I invite you in?”
     “Up to you,” Phil says with a shrug. “You’re wearing the talisman, but even still, I assure you’re safe.”
     Darn it.
     “Oh,” I blush, pulling my dingy robe tight around my body, and then glance around my living room. Toys and kids books lay scattered across the dirty floor, laundry looms on the other couch. “Here, sit down.” I move my laptop and idea journal from the couch onto the floor.
     Phil saunters in, hot as ever and I try not to think dirty thoughts. He is fifteen years younger than me and I’m a happily married woman. Oy vey!
     “Wish you could read my emotions, don’t you?” He says, coy as ever.
     I stick out my tongue. “Wait? How did you know about that?”
     “Psscht. I read your novel.”
     My mouth gaped open. “You did? How? When?”
     “Off Amazon,” he snorts. “You didn’t create a dummy.”
     Well, that’s true.
     We sit and look at each other for a moment. I don’t know why I’m nervous. Maybe it’s because he is so adorable in person, I can’t help but gawk. And, I’ve not showered yet.
     “So, what brings you here?” I finally ask, running my tongue over my teeth checking to see if I’d brushed (I did).
     “I kind of want to see what you’ve got written in those pages over there,” he cranes his neck to look at my screen, which I push out of his view.
     “Well, I . . . kinda heard a rumor.”
     “A rumor?”
     He licks his lips. “I’ve been reading all the book blogger reviews, and a lot of your readers are kinda wanting me to come back.” He gives his leg weakening grin.
     I turn away and compose myself, trying my best to keep a poker face.
     “Well, would you like to come back?”
     Phil’s face lights up and he raises his right eyebrow.
     “I take that as a yes?”
     He continues to smile. I try not to swoon.
     “Don’t play those games with me, you little cutie. You’re going to have to wait like everyone else.”
     Phil huffs. “But even your Grandma said that I didn’t know what I was doing and that I deserved another chance.”
     I smile and admire how observant he is. Never far away from my own reality, I suppose.
     “Fine,” I say and motion for him to come closer.
     In a flash he sits next to me, eager for the news. With great willpower, I withhold my hand from grazing his thigh. Instead, I cup my hand over his ear, first inhaling his incredibly sexy scent, and whisper. “We’ll see about the next book.”
    “Brat,” he said with pouty lips, before checking out the window. The morning light just starts to filter into the sky.
     My shoulders slink down. “Morning, huh?”
     “Yeah,” he says in disappointment. “I have to run.”
     We both stand up, just as Aaron starts to say “Mommy” from his bedroom.
     I give Phil one more sheepish glance. “I hope you’re not disappointed with the next book.”
     He smiles back reassuringly. “I’m sure it’ll be great.”
     “Come back in a few weeks, and I’ll give you an ARC, okay?” I interject quickly, realizing our time is limited to seconds now.
     And with a brush against my cheek, the door opens and he’s gone.
     I walk over, holding my hand where he kissed me and look out before closing the door. “Oh man, these boys are going to be the death of me. I can’t wait for him to read the next book.”
     Only then do I smile wickedly.

A Special Thank you to Brenda for giving us a taste of Phil to share for us. For more information on The Emerald Talisman or The Sapphire Talisman and Brenda Pandos, Check out the links below:

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