October 15, 2010

Friday Fantasize!

Friday Fantasize is hosted by My Love Affair With Books

Friday fantasize is where you list 3 books (Released/Unreleased, old/new) on your wishlist.
This week I (Dee) fantasize about...

Book three in Donna Grant's Dark Sword Series
Released: 11.02.2010
Ages 18+

The most reckless and fierce of the MacLeod brothers, Quinn is a prisoner of the god inside him, tormented by his inability to save his family from slaughter. His fury governs him, and day by day he loses himself to the darkness in his soul. But Quinn has a profound yearning for a woman’s love...

Raised by Druids, the achingly beautiful Marcail is as spellbinding as the ancient magic that surges through her body. To Quinn, she is the most desirable woman he has ever known. But to his enemy Deirdre, she is the perfect bait to lure Quinn into her trap. Once the two lovers are in her wicked grasp, their passion will be put to the ultimate test...

Book three in Cynthia Eden's Night Watch Series
Released: 11.20.2010
Ages 18+

No one that deadly should look that good. Hybrid demon Zane Wynter specializes in tracking the most lethal criminals, whether human or Other. But Jana Carter is nothing like his previous targets. She’s an Ignitor, able to conjure and control fire. She’s also sexy beyond belief—and used to playing dirty…

Jana knows she’s being set up. She even knows who’s responsible: Project Perseus, a secretive group that plans to rid the world of paranormals by any means necessary. From Louisiana’s sultry swamps to its desolate cemeteries, Jana and Zane must race to destroy the mastermind behind Perseus before their world goes up in flames—and with it, a desire that burns too hot to resist…

Book four in Shannon K. Butcher's The Sentinel War Series
Released 11.02.2010
Ages 18 +

They are the Sentinels. Three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes: the Synestryn. Now, one Sentinel's burning loyalty and love may prove to be her greatest weapons.
For nine years, Nika has had one goal: to save her younger sister from the Synestryn who hold her captive. Now the psychic bond Nika forged with her sibling is fading, and time is running out. But the one man who can unlock the power inside her left and never returned, leaving Nika alone to rescue a sister everyone else believes is dead.

Madoc swore to himself he would never enter Dabyr again. For his soul is nearly dead, and he fears what he might do to those he's sworn to protect -- especially Nika. If he accompanies her into the Synestryn realm, his forbidden desire for her may unleash the savage monster within him. But Nika's need to rescue her sister is soon becomes intertwined with her passion for Madoc, while the a key to victory in the war may be within her reach...

What do you Fantasize about?


  1. Wow Eternal Flame looks good!

    Hmmm what books do I fantasize about?
    1. Sin Undone by Larissa Ione
    2. Crave by J.R. Ward
    3. Primal Instincts by Susan Sizemore


  2. I am waiting on Eternal Flame. I love Cynthia's work.
    I fantasize about Larissa's Wraith and Gena's Maddox. I love me those tortured demons ;).

  3. Thank you for participating! Great list , btw!

  4. I love Cynthia Eden's work too! I am dying for Zane's book! lol


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