June 29, 2010

Review: Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery

Pia was your typical popular girl in high school – she made friends easily, cheered on the squad, and had her share of dates with the school jocks. But she’s always had a hard time committing to something, or someone.

So when her best friend Crystal succumbs to cancer, Pia is devastated, but also shocked by the inheritance her friend has left her – her frozen embryos! Pia’s in a quandary. It’s not like she can just throw them away. But is she really capable of being responsible for another human being?

For once, Pia throws caution to the wind and decides to embrace Crystal’s legacy. But as she struggles with her decision, another complication arises that Pia is totally unprepared for. She finally meets the man of her dreams…and her life becomes more confusing than she ever thought possible.

Another great series by Susan Mallery. Finding perfect is my favorite book in this series. Thanks to Susan Mallery I now have a dream of living in a small town. I am ready to pack my bags and head on over to Fool's Gold.

In Finding Perfect you learn about the towns former bad girl Pia and her past. You meet Raoul, a football player who moves to Fool's Gold to start over. When Pia and Raoul cross paths immediately there is chemistry between the two. They both have a past and are both trying to not let it bring them down and destroy who they are today.

Pia is under a lot of stress and has to make a very big decision about something that can change her life completely. Raoul who is just drawn to Pia, decides he will help her out and stand by her side no matter what.

There were so many things about Pia that reminded me of myself. She was very sarcastic, had a great sense of humor, and did not really let anything get to her. She accepted the way her life was and everything shes done for herself. And talk about finding the perfect man, Raoul is everything a woman can dream for. He truly was perfect in every way. Susan, gives you a very strong & emotional story and very believable. The ending made me cry, but they were GOOD tears. A great beginning and great ending. This series really is "The Land of Happy Endings..."

A great series and a must read! 


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