June 29, 2010

Events coming up...

Hey everyone, ***Dee Here***

I want to take the time and let everyone know about some events coming up this month on Good Choice Reading. Other then reviewing books, we have a lot of fun doing giveaways and interviews with Authors. At first we started our blog as an idea and have come this far. We're loving it! Who would have thought sharing books and discovering new authors would be so much fun? Oh, and doing giveaways too hehe.

This month:

On July 12th we will be doing a live chat with author of "Shadow of the Vampire" Meagan Hatfield. Not sure exactly what time so be sure to check back to find out. If you notice at the bottom of our blog the little tool bar it says "JOIN CHAT," that is the chat room we will be using. Now this will be our first live chat & our first time using Wibiya Chat room. So if anyone knows exactly how many people the chat can hold please feel free to let us know. 

For those who are not familiar yet with Meagan Hatfield here are some links:

Another event I want to talk about is Got Books? event taking place on July 23-24th. Good Choice Reading and about 81 other blogs or more, are participating and doing a HUGE giveaway for two days only! For more information on this event or if you would like to participate check out Got Books? Event.


We will have 5 different prize packages. Since I am giving away a lot of my books they will pretty much be Paranormal/Romance books LOL. Lisa and Wanda might decide to add some books, but right now they are not sure, but if they do then we have more prize packages up for grab. :-)

As of right now some will be YA and some will be PNR (Paranormal Romance). There will be a form for each prize package. You can enter each contest, but only win ONE. So please take your time deciding on which one you want the most. The winner will be chosen through Random.org. I just find it easier to use Random.org instead of doing a point system.

Please if you can, spread the word about Got Books? Event. You can copy and paste their button onto your blog, make a blog post, share on twitter, etc. It's going to be HUGE and so much fun!

This is the only two events at the moment for the month of July, but always check back with us because randomly we decide to do giveaways hehe. You can subscribe on the right side bar to receive our post through e-mail and NEVER MISS A POST.



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