June 07, 2010

Review: "Born to Blood" by Melanie Nowak

Taken from Melanie Nowak's Website
Alyson used to think that vampires were almost human; that is, until she became one. Finally consenting to be lovingly turned by her boyfriend Mattie, Allie has come to possess traits and powers previously unknown among vampire kind.  Now Allie seeks the help of the elder vampire Cain, to discover not only what she is capable of, but why.

Still healing from heartbreak over Cain, Felicity looked forward to a nice, human relationship, but dating the son of a vampire hunter, and having a psychic bond with one of his prey makes life far from normal. How can Ben and Felicity discover the truths of love when they are forced to live with so many secrets?   

Someone has contrived a diabolical plan to control destiny, and blood may not only be the catalyst for change, but also the master of manipulation behind it. Is rebirth as a vampire always at the discretion of an undead sire, or sometimes is one simply born to blood?

Where do I begin? I have so much running through my mind right now about this series that I don't even know where to start. I love it! I just love it! After reading the first trilogy set, I did not think it could get any better than that. I was dying to find out what happened with the way Volume three of the first set had ended. You get a little of Felicity and her issues, but the main focus is not her anymore in "Born to Blood," but on Alyson instead.

Melanie starts the book off right before Alyson is turned to join Mattie. So you get to read about what she was doing before and how she felt. You also get to read how it all went down :-). There is more to Allie though and her turning shocks Mattie and Cain. She is not your ordinary vampire :-p. You do get a little bit of every character though because each character plays a big part in Allie's new life.

I just love the world Melanie has created and find it so easy to relate to her characters. You can easily feel for the characters in the book. I can not wait to read the next book in this series and find out what is going to happen with Arif and Alyson. The way this book ended made me want to scream! Melanie really knows how to keep you wanting more from chapter to chapter and ending to ending. This is a MUST MUST READ! After you've read the first set of course lol. It is not one of those books that you can read out of place. 

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