June 07, 2010

Lara Adrian Contest! NAME THAT BABY!


Just wanted to share with everyone that Lara Adrian, author of the Midnight Breed series, is holding a contest on her website. No secret that I am a HUGE fan of her books and that the love of my life is Tegan hehe, so you know I had to share this!

Tess and Dante are having a baby boy and they need our help naming their bundle of joy! 

It's simple to enter! Just visit this link Lara Adrian - Contest
and fill out the form at the bottom! hehe


  1. What a cute contest idea!=) I wish I read the series so I could submit an entry!!=) Although i have them all on my TBR list!=)

  2. Chas - You have to read it! Huge fan here!! lol

  3. My eyes have been on them since I started reading the genre almost 2 years ago=)

  4. Cool contest!!!!
    I messed up Damaris, lol!!!!!
    So my daughter came up with a cool name and she entered, lol!!!
    Good luck all!
    Lara's books are awesome!! :)
    Love your blog hon!

  5. Hey Steph! Aww, I was hoping we could enter more than one name, but you can't :-( lol.

    @Chas, I think I might do a give away of all the books in the series that are out. That is how much I love her books and want to share with the world haha...


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