May 24, 2010

Review: Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles (lisa)

"Carlos Fuentes idolized his older brother, Alex, when he was a member of the Latino Blood. So when Alex chose to get jumped out of the gang for a chance at a future with his gringa girlfriend, Brittany, Carlos felt shocked and betrayed. Even worse, Alex forced Carlos to come back from Mexico to join him on the straight and narrow path. Trouble is, Carlos just wants to keep living on the edge. And ties to his Mexican gang aren't easy to break, even hundreds of miles away in Colorado. In Boulder, Carlos has to live with one of Alex's college professors--and he feels completely out of place. He's even more thrown by his strong feelings for the professor's daughter, Kiara, who is nothing like the girls he is usually drawn to. But Carlos and Kiara soon discover that in matters of the heart, the rules of attraction overpower the social differences that conspire to keep them apart."

This book is the sequel to 'Perfect Chemistry' which I really loved. I was skeptical when I first picked up because I was worried that it was the same story as the first book. But once I saw the trailer on amazon I decided to read it. Luckily it surpassed my expectations and turned out to be pretty darn good. Carlos is Alex's younger brother, and he is just as sexy and smoldering as Alex was in the first book. With his bad-boy attitude and tattoos, Carlos catches the eye of almost every girl in his new school. Including Madison the resident popular girl who decides she wants Carlos. At first he is intrigued by her, but soon finds himself falling for a girl who is definitely not his usual type. Kiara is not what most guys would call "hot", she wears baggy shirts and hiking boots, and always has her hair in a ponytail.

Kiara is assigned to be Carlos's peer guide for his first week at school, and they quickly find themselves constantly bickering and pulling practical jokes on each other. But when circumstances lead Carlos to move in with Kiara and her family, sparks start to fly. As their physical and emotional attraction grows, Carlos starts to wonder if he can change his bad-boy ways and commit to the girl who has stolen his heart.

Anyone who has read 'Perfect Chemistry' needs to read this book too. I loved the connection that Carlos and Kiara shared. Carlos was so against love, and always believed that anyone he loved would eventually leave him. But he fell in love with Kiara anyway, and she changed his life drastically. This book was so good it made me want to go out with a Spanish guy. Every time he called her 'chica' or 'mamacita' I just swooned! Read it! Read it! Read it!


  1. I like your review a lot, but the whole GANG thing throws me off from reading these books :-(

  2. well in the first book, the gang aspect was really important. but its on the back burner for most of book two. still it was a really good read!

  3. To tell you the truth, the gang aspect of the book is the reason I didn't think I'd like Perfect Chemistry, and we know how that turned out! lol
    I can't wait to read Rules of Attraction.

  4. DI forgot to mention that I finished this book in one night!=) Rules of Attraction is great and so is PC!!


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