May 18, 2010

Review: Almost Perfect by Susan Mallery

 GoodReads - Back in high school, Liz Sutton was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Then she’d stolen the heart of the most popular boy in town, and their secret romance helped her through the worst of times. Until Ethan Hendrix betrayed her and everything they’d ever meant to each other. Devastated and pregnant, Liz left Fool’s Gold, California – forever, she thought…

Now Liz must return to town and face the man who doesn’t know of their son’s existence. And this time she won’t have the option of making a quick getaway. Ethan and Liz can’t deny their passionate attraction, even after all these years. But will their desire be enough to spark a second chance at love?

I was so excited to begin reading Almost Perfect and could not believe that I was given the chance yet again to read it before it hits shelves on June 29th. Thank you NetGalley! 

My Review: 

Okay seriously...What do we need to do to get Susan's books on the big screen? Every time I read her books I picture a movie or at least a TV mini series. It needs to be done!  LOL

Anyway, the book kicks off right where Chasing Perfect left off. It begins with Liz who receives an e-mail from her nieces (that she did not know even existed) who were reaching out to her because of an issue. That is how Liz ends up back in Fool's Gold. It then jumps into Ethan when he first spots Liz and continues from there. 

I love Susan Mallery's writing because it is so easy to relate to her characters and fall in love with them. I love Ethan and Liz and right from the beginning when they first see each other again you can feel the chemistry. You can tell they still very much love each other, but neither one was going to admit it. Reading this book made me want to cry, made me smile, laugh, angry and happy. I started this book on Sunday night and tried my hardest not to finish it so fast, but every time I was not reading all I did was think about reading. I love when a book does that to me and Almost Perfect did just that.

I was a little angry at first at the ending of the book and was ready to say "wow, that ending sucked. I did not expect that at all." The ending felt unfinished and left so much unexplained to me, but then I realized it's because I do not have the ending to the book. I went on and it says the book has 384 pages and I had 379. So imagine how happy I felt to know I had more to read hehe. 

I definitely recommend this series and can not wait for the following book in Susan's Fools Gold series. So far the books that I have read by Susan I have loved! If you want a book that can make you smile, laugh, angry and emotional then definitely pick this book up. Of course after you have read Chasing Perfect. hehe

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