May 16, 2010

Almost Perfect by Susan Mallery THANK YOU NETGALLEY! lol

Yay! Me (Dee) and Wanda just got an ARC of Susan Mallery's "Almost Perfect" from NetGalley. I couldn't believe when I went to NetGalley that they actually had it up. We've been checking the site almost everyday just to see and last night we saw it and requested it! yay! :-) NetGalley is the Best!

I just love Susan Mallery's books and can not wait to begin reading this book. I hope one day we see her books on Lifetime or Hallmark. Yes I am a Lifetime lover! hehe :-) I was currently reading Rachel Gibson's "Nothing But Trouble" but that book is now on hold haha.

Well off to to read "Almost Perfect"... most likely I will be done by tomorrow late afternoon or before bed time haha. If you have not read her first book in her Fool's Gold series "Chasing Perfect" I highly recommend it! Browse through post for our review on "Chasing Perfect."  or check out her website Susan Mallery. TTFN :-D

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