April 15, 2010

Judge and Jury by James Patterson By Wanda Lee

"Senior FBI agent Nick Pellisante is closing in on the notorious mob boss The Electrician, when the scheduled sting goes spectacularly awry. Two FBI agents are dead, the boss is wounded, and Pellisante vows the Electricians next move will be from a jail cell. Andie Echeverra, a part-time actress and a single, full-time mom, is assigned her next role as Juror #11 in the landmark trial against Mafia Don Dominic Cavello. Everybody is on edge. No one has ever crossed the man whose orders have made entire families disappear. Though Cavellos influence extends across blue uniforms and black robes, the case should be open-and-shut. But the legal system fails with devastating results, and Nick and Andie are the only ones left to seek justice. To stop the Electrician, they must take matters into their own hands. They are the judge and jury now. James Patterson spins an all-out heart-pounding legal thriller that pits two people against the most vicious and powerful mobster since John Gotti."

This book was soooo good! It was combination of action, suspense, it was sad and happy. It had to do with a man being tried to sentence him to time in prison, but this man was such a powerful man that he had pulls even from inside. He made things happen, scared people off the case and made people die, but none of it can be linked to him until one detective who was smart enough to think outside the box. A nailbiting experience and A must read! It was so well written that you can visualize everything in your head like if you were a by stander watching the action.

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