April 15, 2010

The Iron King By Julie Kagawa by Dee

I want to post our first review about The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. This is the book I have read recently (Dee) and I am so in love with this series. Just a quick run down about what the book is about

"Meghan Chase has never fit in at her small-town high school, and now, on the eve of her 16th birthday, she discovers why. When her half brother is kidnapped, Meghan is drawn into a fantastical world she never imagined--the world of Faery, where anything you see may try to eat you, and Meghan is the daughter of the summer faery king. Now she will journey into the depths of Faery to face an unknown enemy . . . and beg the help of a winter prince who might as soon kill her as let her touch his icy heart. The Iron King is the first book in the Iron Fey series."

Now I originally made a review on my goodreads account so I am going to just copy and paste it here, but with some extra stuff lol.

I have to admit at first I was little hesitant to read this book and I don't really know why, but I am glad that I did. A friend recommended this book to me (and she normally recommends books I fall in love with :-P) and the minute I opened this book at 7am by 3pm I was done. I could not put it down. The only thing I did not like was that it took a while to really bring the love interest Ash into the story. It was like a tease waiting for him. He is introduced in a couple of chapters, but nothing really big. See I read mostly love stories and romance so I was waiting, but once he is in the story you can not help but fall in love with him and be happy you waited. I love the way him and Meg fall in love. Puck was a little annoying to me because I don't really like boys that are cocky or whatever, but eventually you find a spot for him hehe. I also love Grim's personality. He tries to pretend that he does not concern himself with anything but yet he is always there lol.

I love the way the author wrote this book! Everything was described so well that picturing in your head was not hard at all! The world she takes you into seems so real! I love her writing!!! I can not wait to read book 2 which I hear is even better than book one and a whole lot of Ash! yay!! I give this book 5 *****! A must read!


  1. Just bought this, really excited to see if I agree...

  2. I really want to read this series, I have been hearing so much about! Thanks for the great review!!!

  3. I love faeries tales!And so I want to read this series<3
    I must read all the books of the series in english because in my country(Italy..) there aren't yet!:(
    Poor meeee....I'm hopeless at english!xDxD
    I'm joking..I'll do anything to read them!ù-ù


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