May 04, 2021

Release Blast: Fated Sight by Skye Malone!

Fated Sight by Skye Malone

Shifters of Ragnarok #1

A shifter in hiding. An heir to a werewolf empire. With an apocalypse brewing, can these fated mates find a way to trust each other, or will their differences doom them both?

As the lone werewolf in her small town, Hayden has spent her life terrified of her own kind. They’re monsters. Killers of children. Nothing she could ever trust. Just as terrifying are the apocalyptic visions that haunt her, though she’s convinced those can’t be real. But then the sexy stranger from her nightmares walks into her flower shop.

Sole heir to his clan alpha, Connor lives a life of duty with no need for love. Protecting his wolves is all that’s mattered since humans murdered his mother years ago. But when his father’s apocalyptic obsession brings him to the very town where his mother died, the last thing he expects is to discover the shy local florist is his fated mate—and she’s determined to protect the humans from him.

When signs of the apocalypse appear, ancient enemies arise, threatening the wolves and humans alike. Can Connor and Hayden learn to trust their eternal bond and save everyone, or will old wounds tear them apart?

Get ready. The end of the world starts today.

Steamy paranormal romance intended for readers 18+

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